Key Takeaway: Leveraging the new Google Cloud Cortex Framework, C3 AI Applications provide a system of intelligence that can rapidly connect to SAP deployments to unlock significant business value across a broad range of industry specific use cases.

The current global supply chain crisis brings renewed attention to mission-critical operations and the ERP systems that support them. Organizations have been caught off guard by problems with supply chain risk–poor demand visibility, and sub-optimal production and logistics planning. More than ever, organizations require near real-time visibility and powerful predictive capabilities to build and manage highly resilient supply chains. But traditional ERP systems present a number of significant challenges for today’s organizations:

  • Multiple disparate systems: ERP operations typically span dozens, sometimes hundreds, of internal systems that require integration and coordination. Moreover, modern predictive capabilities require data not only from ERP systems but also from other disparate internal and external sources — e.g., CRM, customer service, weather, markets, news, social media, etc.
  • System of record only: Traditional ERP systems are fundamentally designed as backward-looking systems of record, rather than as predictive, forward-looking systems of intelligence.
  • Excessive manual work: Because traditional ERP systems were not purpose-built to provide predictive capabilities, it takes excessive manual effort just to extract impartial and ad-hoc insights from ERP systems.

Google Cloud’s recent introduction of the Google Cloud Cortex Framework is a significant step forward in helping organizations overcome these challenges and accelerate value from their traditional ERP systems by leveraging AI, machine learning, and the Google Cloud. Importantly, Google Cloud Cortex Framework provides a data foundation to help organizations unify disparate systems and data sources, as well as reference architectures for building solutions to address specific use cases such as demand shaping.

Through our strategic partnership with Google Cloud, it is easier than ever for organizations to deploy complete, pre-built industry specific solutions with C3 AI Applications that run on Google Cloud and fully leverage the Google Cloud Cortex Framework. C3 AI Applications provide an intelligence layer that brings advanced, near real-time predictive insights to address a broad range of industry specific use cases such as operational reliability, supply network risk analysis, inventory optimization, process optimization, production scheduling optimization, and customer churn prediction. More than 40 pre-built C3 AI Applications are available today, spanning industries that include manufacturing, supply chain & logistics, financial services, telecommunications, and healthcare.

C3 AI Applications are optimized for Google Cloud and seamlessly interoperate with the Google Cloud Cortex Framework, making it easier than ever for organizations to take full advantage of Google services such as BigQuery, Looker, and Vertex AI. C3 AI Applications enable organizations to greatly accelerate time to value by deploying industry specific solutions that leverage existing ERP systems. C3 AI Applications can be quickly and easily configured through industry-specific object models, without having to write extensive code or piece together disparate components. This approach, enabled by C3 AI’s unique model-driven architecture, dramatically speeds and simplifies deployment, operation, and modification of C3 AI Applications.

With C3 AI Applications, there is no need to rip and replace existing systems. Instead, C3 AI Applications sit on top of existing systems, enabling organizations to rapidly operationalize on the Google Cloud, with the ability to ingest and aggregate data from wherever it resides — both internally and externally — without the need to lift and shift existing systems and data sources.

And with the introduction of C3 AI Data Vision in all C3 AI Applications — a wholly reimagined interface that brings unprecedented visualization capabilities to the user experience — organizations can now unlock powerful, new AI-based insights to drive near real time decisions and achieve greater resilience across operations globally. Optimized for Google Cloud, and now fully interoperable with the Google Cloud Cortex Framework, C3 AI Applications provide a fast and easy path to AI-enabled ERP capabilities and high-value outcomes for organizations of all kinds.

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About the author

Turker Coskun is Director of product marketing at C3 AI where he leads a team of product marketing managers to define, execute, and continuously improve commercial and go-to-market strategies for C3 AI Applications. Turker holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Bilkent University in Turkey. Prior to C3 AI, Turker was an Engagement Manager at McKinsey’s San Francisco office.