Team registration is open and closes in COVID-19 Grand Challenge COVID-19 Grand Challenge

The COVID-19 Grand Challenge is an international competition that invites participants to create data science projects that provide data-driven insights to inform decision makers in the global fight against COVID-19.

You can ask questions through the COVID-19 Grand Challenge community. The organizers regularly read and answer posts in this community to support the participants.

You can also attend our livestream event on Sept. 30. In this livestream, experts will explain the Grand Challenge in greater detail and answer audience questions. Sign up here.

The COVID-19 Grand Challenge Livestream is a live presentation about the Challenge and its evaluation process, followed by a moderated Q&A session. The event will be recorded and can be viewed after the session on the website. Sign up here.

Registration Details

Steps to complete registration:

  1. Choose a team leader to register your team.
  2. Team leaders complete the registration form here and add additional team members (optional). It is not possible to add team members after completing registration.
  3. Additional team members will receive a link to a reference form where they must enter their contact information and sign the participation agreement. Note: this is a required step in the registration process.
  4. Team leaders will receive a link to the team’s submission form.

Reference forms are used to collect information about each team member, including contact information and recruitment interest.


Once the team leader completes the registration form, additional team members will receive a link to a reference form where they must enter their contact information and sign the participation agreement.

All team members must sign the participation agreement by completing the reference form before the registration deadline on Oct. 25.

Submission Details​

Submission Checklist
  • Questionnaire (200 words max.)
    • Briefly describe the broader goals of your project. (40 words)​
    • What specific problem are you trying to solve for this submission? (40 words)​
    • Briefly describe your approach and what AI tools/methods are leveraged. (60 words)​
    • What makes your project unique? (40 words)​
    • What is the potential impact of your results in the fight against COVID-19? (20 words)​
  • Non-Technical Abstract (100 words max.)
    A compelling summary of your submission, composed for a general audience.
  • Descriptive Paper (1,000 words max., suggested breakdown below)
    • Introduction (100 words)
    • Problem Description (100 words)
    • Broad Approach (200 words)
    • Technical Details of Approach (400 words)
    • Results (100 words)
    • Impact (100 words)
  • Demo Video (60-120 seconds)

    A creative expression of the solution, designed to sell it, while explaining:​

    • Demo your project and the API’s used to run it.
    • Make sure to explain the problem being solved and walk-through how your solution works.
    • Touch on your results and the potential impact of these results on COVID-19.
  • Source Code (or link to GitHub Repository)
    The top 25 solutions will be code-reviewed to assure quality​

  • List of Data Sources Used:
    • At least two datasets used must be from the COVID-19 Data Lake.
    • All datasets must be open-access and links to any external datasets must be provided.

After registering, the team leader will receive a link to the submission form. The team leader can invite additional team members to collaborate on this form by clicking “Invite collaborators” in the upper right corner of the form. The team must complete this form and submit it before the submission deadline on Nov. 18.

After you open the submission form, there will be an option to “invite collaborators” in the top right corner of the form.


The COVID-19 Data Lake is a powerful source of information about the pandemic. You can learn about it here.

You are free to use any publicly available data source in your solution, but you must use at least two data sources found within the Covid-19 Data Lake. You must include descriptions of additional sources with your submission.


Winning solutions will be published on the company website. Depending on the quality of the winning solution, it may be published elsewhere.

If you are interested in being considered for a career at, you can opt in during registration and upload your resume and LinkedIn profile. Participants who submit impressive solutions will benefit from an accelerated recruitment process.

We are so excited that you are interested in joining our team at You can check out the following resources for more information: careers page company site


Citizens of all countries, regardless of personal background, employment, or skills, are welcome to participate in the Grand Challenge. Only citizens of U.S.-embargoed countries are ineligible.

Minors aged 13-17 who are citizens of the United States are eligible to participate. During registration, minors will be required to have a parent or guardian co-sign the participation agreement.

To change your team roster, you will need to withdraw your original registration and re-register your team prior to the Oct. 25 registration deadline. To withdraw your registration, go to the submission homepage, click on the registration, and click “Withdraw” in the upper right corner of the page. Then complete a new registration form, as described in “How does my team register?”. Additional team members will need to complete the reference form again, even if they have already completed it.

No changes to the team roster may take place after Oct. 25.

Participants or their licensors own the rights to the Submission they create during the Contest. This means that a Submission may contain Technology owned or licensed by a third party, but only if your license to such Technology allows you to license your Submission via non-exclusive royalty free (NERF) license agreements. You and your team must abide by the terms of any licenses associated with any third-party Technology used as part of your Submission, including any payment terms or other license terms that could apply for continued use of the Technology under non-exclusive royalty free (NERF) license agreements.

Yes! While your team collectively must submit a working application, there are many skills in addition to software development that are needed to create a winning solution. We encourage you to seek out collaborators and form cross-functional teams to participate.

Your submission should be a fully functioning data science project. Your code should be clear, well-documented, and easy to run. The description you submit as part of your work should go into detail on the insights your project derives from the data.