Third Party IDEs

The C3 AI Suite provides developers and data scientists with third party IDE support to improve the developer experience by making application development simpler, faster, and more enjoyable. ​

C3 AI Visual Studio Code Extension

C3 AI Visual Studio Code Extension (C3 AI VSCE) is C3 AI’s very own extension for the popular Visual Studio Code source-code editor that provides auto-completion, error-checking, data model validation, syntax highlighting, and other features for developers working with the C3 AI Suite.​

  • Syntax Highlighting – keywords specific to C3 AI Applications are highlighted to improve readability​
  • Error-checking – errors related to data model construction and function implementation are marked so developers can catch errors before they provision, merge, or make a pull request​
  • Code Completion – the C3 AI VSCE provides JavaScript and Python IntelliSense to make suggestions and enable autocompletion in type implementation files​

Hover access to documentation​

  • Get immediate access to documentation on C3 AI Model declarations and method implementations simply by hovering your cursor over the Model name or method signature in the editor​
  • Navigate quickly between model files simply be clicking the C3 AI Model name in the editor