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Enterprise Data Lake

C3.ai Enterprise Data Lake™ is an enterprise and extraprise data repository that unifies data across information silos into a unified, federated cloud image and keeps those data current, encrypted, and secure in real time. The C3.ai Enterprise Data Lake operates in a virtual highly-scalable, distributed, elastic cloud infrastructure that is private and secure.

Using C3.ai Enterprise Data Lake, customers are able to rapidly move from data integration to data exploration and to analytic development and testing for use in production applications. C3.ai Enterprise Data Lake uses both relational and NoSQL data store technologies and provides a rich set of data processing software services abstracted through a model-driven object and type system.

C3.ai Enterprise Data Lake provides the tools necessary to validate data integration processes, monitor data loading tasks, query and explore data, develop analytics, and access data using third-party analytics, visualization, or reporting tools. The data model and associated objects are extensible and upgradable, giving enterprises flexibility as data representations change over time.

C3.ai Enterprise Data Lake Services

Data Integration enables users to rapidly, securely, and cost-effectively integrate enterprise and extraprise data to deliver end-to-end system visibility.

Data Services are responsible for storing large volumes of structured and unstructured data, while also making data readily available for reporting and analytics. Data Services partition data into relational, non-relational (key/value store), and OLAP databases, and provide common database operations such as create, read, update, and delete.

The Data Abstraction Layer is a metadata-based mapping and persistence framework spanning relational, multi-dimensional, and NoSQL data stores. Through metadata, developers define objects, including attributes and functions.

APIs for Data Access using tools of your choice REST APIs: C3.ai Enterprise Data Lake REST API is a programming interface that allows you to access data and application functions.

With the C3.ai Enterprise Data Lake REST APIs, you can:

  • Query objects using sophisticated query criteria
  • Create, update, or delete data for any object
  • Invoke analytics to analyze and explore data in the C3.ai Enterprise Data Lake
  • Obtain meta information about objects such as attributes and functions
  • JDBC/ODBC Data Access: use third-party analytics andvisualization tools such as Excel, Tableau, Qlikview, and BusinessObjects to access data. Requires C3.ai Ex Machina™.

Multi-Layer Security Services support robust, industry-leading cyber security protocols. The platform’s multi-layered cyber security approach employs technical, physical, and administrative safeguards.

C3.ai Tools

C3.ai Enterprise Data Lake includes a subset of C3.ai Tools™ to enable IT and business professionals with the ability to query and explore data, and to develop analytics and machine learning models.

C3.ai Type Designer™ enables the efficient examination, extension, and creation of data object definitions.

C3.ai Data Explorer™ enables analysts and designers to quickly discover insights from large data sets. The tool provides a simple user interface to sort, filter, and explore data by using analytics and user-defined search expressions.

C3.ai Ex Machina™ brings together an impressive combination of speed, ease of use, and advanced analytics. C3.ai Ex Machina is a multi-purpose tool focused on solving four key areas: 1) Data Exploration, 2) Data Integration, 3) Analytic Creation, and 4) Machine Learning and Prediction.


High-reliability clustered architecture. The data management and processing components are architected to ensure high reliability at scale.

High-performance data partitioning. C3.ai Enterprise Data Lake can rapidly analyze high volumes of data by taking advantage of the unique performance attributes of both relational and non-relational data. Data partitioning ensures that the C3.ai Enterprise Data Lake can efficiently process and analyze the time series data originating from meters, sensors, or any IoT device.

C3.ai Enterprise Data Lake saves time. Pre-built industry data representations reduce the time spent on designing a data model. C3.ai Enterprise Data Lake uses industry-recognized data formats and supports data integration from disparate source systems, enabling rapid transformation, loading, and monitoring.

C3.ai Enterprise Data Lake is extensible. Existing data model objects can be easily extended, copied, and modified, and new ones created using an easy-to-use visual object design tool.

C3.ai Enterprise Data Lake eliminates waste and redundancy across the enterprise. It eliminates redundant data extraction, integration, and delivery efforts across the enterprise saving millions annually in repetitive data access and extraction tasks. You can easily access data using third-party data visualization and BI tools using either JDBC or ODBC drivers. You can also develop analytics on all available data using C3.ai Ex Machina.

C3.ai Enterprise Data Lake is secure. Each customer instance is private and backed by C3.ai and Amazon’s secure network infrastructure and testing methodologies, standards, and certifications. Enterprise-class encryption provides added data security. Sensitive data at rest are encrypted using 256-bit SHA-2 encryption. Data in motion are securely transmitted using HTTPS (SSL/TLS) with 4096-bit RSA encryption.