C3 AI SuiteC3 AI Suite

Virtual Data Lake

Leverage your Data Lake Investments

  • Data is not Replicated
  • Unified object model across your company
  • Ability to integrate virtualizations to many source systems (e.g., SAP, Oracle, HBase, HDFS)

The C3.ai Virtual Data Lake™ is a capability of the C3 AI Suite™ that enables organizations to leverage existing enterprise systems, data stores and data lake investments by unifying all enterprise and extraprise data into a single current virtual data image without the need to duplicate data.

The C3.ai Virtual Data Lake provides a single secure federated cloud image on top of an organization’s existing data in a private, highly scalable distributed cloud infrastructure. Using a C3.ai Virtual Data Lake, organizations can rapidly move beyond data integration to data exploration and focus on analytic development and machine learning for use in production applications, microservices, and business intelligence tools. The C3.ai Virtual Data Lake logical data model and associated objects are extensible and upgradable, giving enterprises flexibility and abstraction as the underlying data representations change over time.

C3.ai Virtual Data Lake Services

Data Integration enables users to rapidly, securely, and cost-effectively integrate enterprise and extraprise data to deliver end-to-end system visibility. Data Services are responsible for storing large volumes of structured and unstructured data, while also making data readily available for reporting and analytics. Data Services partition data into relational, non-relational (key/value store), and OLAP databases, and provide common database operations such as create, read, update, and delete.

The Data Abstraction Layer is a metadata-based mapping and persistence framework spanning relational, multi-dimensional, and NoSQL data stores. Through metadata, developers define objects, including attributes and functions. APIs for Data Access using tools of your choice REST APIs: C3.ai Virtual Data Lake REST API is a programming interface that allows you to access data and application functions.

With the C3.ai Virtual Data Lake REST APIs, you can:

  • Query objects using sophisticated query criteria
  • Create, update, or delete data for any object
  • Invoke analytics to analyze and explore data in the C3.ai Virtual Data Lake
  • Obtain meta information about objects such as attributes and functions
  • JDBC/ODBC Data Access: use third-party analytics and visualization tools such as Excel, Tableau, Qlikview, and BusinessObjects to access data. Requires C3.ai Ex Machina™.

Multi-Layer Security Services support robust, industry-leading cyber security protocols. The platform’s multi-layered cyber security approach employs technical, physical, and administrative safeguards.

C3.ai Integrated Development Studio (IDS)

C3.ai Integrated Development Studio (C3.ai IDS) is a low-code/no-code environment for developing, deploying, and operating enterprise AI applications. C3.ai IDS provides data ingestion, data modeling, machine learning feature engineering and model lifecycle management, and a metadata-driven UI development tool.

A browser-based interface to connect to existing databases, ingest data into the C3 AI Suite, and develop, manage, and extend application objects.

A visual and metadata-driven UI designer to develop an application user interface.

A tool to manage prebuilt machine learning pipelines and develop models and access all popular machine learning libraries and Jupyter Notebooks.

Integrated DevOps functions for source control, release management, work queue management, and command-line access to the C3 AI Suite.

C3.ai Virtual Data Lake Connectors

AWS Dynamo DB
AWS Kinesis
AWS Lambda
Azure Cosmos DB
Azure Event Hubs

Azure HDInsight
Azure IoT
Azure SQL
Hadoop HDFS
IBM Maximo

Microsoft Dynamics

SAP Hana
Open and user extensible