2019 Product Roadmap

Large organizations have a significant opportunity to apply AI and realize dramatic improvements across their business operations, from customer engagement to efficient on-time, in-full delivery. In this session, C3.ai Chief Technology Officer, Ed Abbo, a 30-year veteran of the enterprise software industry, detailed how C3.ai customer use cases are driving each component of the C3.ai product roadmap. He discussed how C3.ai addresses data aggregation challenges across enterprise data silos and sensor networks, and operationalizes AI at enterprise scale. Mr. Abbo provided a detailed overview of the C3.ai product roadmap along with demonstrations of key new product capabilities, including the new C3 Integrated Development Studio that unifies and accelerates development of complex AI applications; the new ML Studio for AI model lifecycle management; enhancements to ML pipelines including deep-learning, extended natural language processing, and machine vision; multi-cloud and edge deployment options and key DevOps enhancements.

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Mar 13, 2019

C3.ai Releases Low-Code/No-Code AI Development Environment for Enterprise AI



Mar 11, 2019

C3.ai Announces 10 New Alliances with Leading System Integrators

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Yves Le Gelard, CIO and Chief Digital Officer