Improving Customer Service via Energy Consumption Reporting
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Improving Customer Service via Energy Consumption Reporting

AEP-PSO improving customer service via energy consumption reporting

Project Challenge

Electric utility AEP-PSO is the public utility serving 550,000 residential and 75,000 commercial customers across eastern and southwestern Oklahoma. To enable a modern, integrated digital customer service experience, the utility has deployed C3 Residential and C3 Commercial applications on Amazon Web Services.

Results After 24 Weeks


Near real time consumption data


Personalized home energy reports through Customer Segmentation and Targeting tool

Project Highlights

3 Applications


Data Sources


Residential Accounts


Commercial Accounts

Improving Customer Service with AI

With the Applications –C3 Residential, C3 Commercial, and Customer Segmentation and Targeting —AEP-PSO can now provide customers with a variety of services and up-to-date information from applications running on a single platform. These services include:

  • Interval data integration
  • Support for TOU rates and Demand Response programs
  • Rate optimization
  • Alerting based on predictive models such as bill projection and peak demand forecasting
  • Models to predict consumer behaviors to drive segmentation and targeting for energy efficiency and marketing programs

Working together, the and AEP-PSO teams integrated 6 data sources including enterprise data and customer billing information, combined with external data sources. To predict customer bills, the applications use statistical regressions of the past year of usage and weather forecasts for the next three weeks. The usage prediction is combined with bill-cycle to-date energy usage to create a complete usage profile and total projected bill.

The applications provide customers with an interface to view data, create energy plans, and set up alerts. The C3 AI Suite predicts and evaluates account data against thresholds in real-time, and if a bill is predicted to be high, the customer is proactively alerted. Customer Targeting sends a tailored email alert to the home or business owner with suggested actions, including engaging with the portal.

Solution Architecture

AEP-PSO architecture

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