Execute Energy and 
Sustainability Management Solutions
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Execute Energy and 
Sustainability Management Solutions

Fortune 100 tech company uses C3.ai applications to execute energy and sustainability management solutions

Project Challenge

To improve the management of a diverse portfolio of more than 500 facilities worldwide, from typical office buildings to very energy intensive labs and data centers, this Fortune 100 technology company implemented the C3 Energy Management application on Amazon Web Services. With such a disparate portfolio, the company needed a software solution to manage energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, integrate and analyze sustainability and energy metrics, and report results from energy and emissions mitigation projects for its annual sustainability report and the Carbon Disclosure Project.



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Unique Source Systems

Tracking Energy to Improve Efficiency

Working with C3.ai since 2012, this Fortune 100 Tech company has implemented C3 Energy Management to perform detailed interval analysis on thousands of opaque energy-consuming racks of equipment. The company uses the data to identify and analyze energy efficiency opportunities, and manage a global portfolio of low-cost, capital-intensive energy efficiency and emissions mitigation projects. The enterprise has used C3.ai to successfully manage nearly 1,000 energy efficiency and onsite renewable energy projects and to track and communicate progress on energy and environmental goals.

The company’s Global Energy and Sustainability teams, property managers, and Financial, Planning, and Analysis (FP&A) executives use C3 Energy Management to manage the full lifecycle of energy and environmental sustainable management – from data integration to analysis and opportunity identification, through mitigation project execution, and, finally, to reporting and continuous improvement. C3 Energy Management provides a unified and automated energy and environmental sustainability management and reporting solution.

Solution Architecture

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