June 23, 2020

New Research Institute Puts $5 Million toward AI to Battle COVID-19 Spread and Its Social Impact

by Nate Muldrow in Article

A new research institute founded in part by Carnegie Mellon University is putting more than $5 million toward finding ways artificial intelligence can mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

From predicting the path of the virus to predicting who is at risk for evictions, the C3.ai Digital Transformation Institute will fund research projects that examine the medical, social and economic impacts of the novel coronavirus.

Launched in March, the Digital Transformation Institute was founded by AI software company C3.ai, Microsoft Corp. and several universities across the country, including CMU.

Broadly, the institute aims to accelerate the ways that governments, businesses and society use artificial intelligence. Already used in a variety of industries for many different purposes, AI refers to the complicated processes that allow machines to think like humans, enabling them to do tasks like play chess or drive a car.

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