• Sep 26, 2016

ENGIE CIO: Why Digital,
Why C3.ai, and Why Now

Yves Le Gelard, CIO and Chief Digital Officer, ENGIE

Watch ENGIE’s CIO explain why C3.ai is the ideal partner for deploying an ambitious enterprise-wide digital transformation strategy that puts ENGIE at the vanguard of the IoT revolution.

According to ENGIE’s Yves Le Gelard:

  • C3.ai is clearly the most advanced company in this field on planet earth. It has proven technology. It has delivered projects for multiple customers around the world – specifically projects with huge volumes of data.
  • We wanted a partner that knows it, that has done it, and C3.ai was the most convincing of all.
  • One example of the projects that will be deployed is Predictive Maintenance. By using C3.ai algorithms and technologies, we will enhance and improve the availability of all our production assets worldwide. Given the amount of money that a particular asset represents, one percentage of availability represents a huge amount of money.
  • Second example – by knowing our customers better, by understanding precisely their behaviors, we will be able to develop and offer a whole range of new services to our 21 million customers worldwide that will hopefully retain them and attract more.
  • Together with C3.ai, we’re determined to be one of the rare leaders that will invent the new world.
C3.ai is an essential partner in ENGIE’s enterprise-wide digital transformation strategy, positioning the Fortune Global 500 company at the vanguard of the IoT revolution in order to confront the major challenges posed by climate change and promote people’s access to reliable, innovative, socially responsible, low carbon, and decentralized energy.