C3 AI at Eurosatory 2022

Thank you for visiting C3 AI at Eurosatory. Enterprise AI software from C3 AI enables agencies to ingest and integrate data from multiple source systems and implement AI models at scale to rapidly address their most critical needs.

C3 AI’s SaaS applications for improving equipment readiness, integrating data silos, analyzing multi-source intelligence data, and other high-impact use cases can be quickly customized and deployed in 12-16 weeks across all levels of government, ensuring increased capabilities and saving hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

Since August 2020, the United States Air Force’s Rapid Sustainment Office (RSO) has been utilizing the C3 AI Platform and C3 AI Readiness to support predictive analytics and maintenance across the Air Force enterprise.

With the Predictive Analytics and Decision Assistant (PANDA), the US Air Force is using AI to reduce the incidence of unscheduled maintenance and part delays to ensure mission readiness across 16+ major weapons systems.

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Defense & Intelligence Suite

C3 AI’s newest Intelligence customer is San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office. With over 750,000 citizens to protect, they chose C3 AI to build a law enforcement integration platform that increases efficiency, improves investigations, and maximizes community safety.

Whether you are maintaining complex platforms, uncovering terrorist organizations, prosecuting criminal gangs, or commanding in all-domain conflicts, C3 AI has a solution for your needs.

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