C3 AI COVID-19 Data Lake

Data Sources

The C3 AI COVID-19 Data Lake has integrated many disparate and disjointed COVID-19 data sources in a unified data model. All these COVID-19 data sources are automatically updated and are available through the same RESTful API interface, regardless of their origin. Here, we list all data sources currently included in the C3 AI COVID-19 Data Lake.

Daily Case Reports

Description: Daily update of number of COVID-19 cases, deaths, hospitalizations and recoveries for cities, counties, states, provinces and countries around the world.

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Epidemiology Line Lists

Repositories of individual-level line list data such as age, gender, symptoms, exposure history and hospitalization details for patients with COVID-19.

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Genome Sequences

Genomic sequences of COVID-19 nucleotide and protein samples from around the world.

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Collection of journal articles about COVID-19 and the coronavirus family of viruses in an easy to access format.

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Repositories of clinical assets related to COVID-19 such as CT and X-ray lung images, patient test results, vaccine coverage, active therapeutics and clinical trials.

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Collection of actions and policies taken by government and regulatory bodies to address COVID-19.

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Data sources on movement trends during COVID-19 in different geographies around the world.

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Data sources on demographic data such as population, age, sex and death rates from around the world.

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Data sources on economic indicators in different geographies around the world.

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Data sources of environmental factors and indices during the age of COVID-19.

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Public Surveys

Data sources of measured public opinions and political views.

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How to Access the C3 AI COVID-19 Data Lake

Get started by downloading R and Python quickstart notebooks and access documentation for C3 AI COVID-19 RESTful APIs.

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Contribute Data

One of the primary objectives of the C3 AI COVID-19 Data Lake is to continuously and conceptually expand the corpus of the data lake. Please contact us if you: 1) Are able to directly contribute specific data sets related to COVID-19, or 2) Have a specific request for data sets you want to see included.


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