C3 AI COVID-19 Data Lake


If any publications or research results are derived in full or in part from the C3 AI COVID-19 Data Lake, please make sure to credit the C3 AI COVID-19 Data Lake by referencing the case study at https://c3.ai/customers/covid-19-data-lake/.

The data on this website is provided for educational and academic research purposes related to COVID-19. The website provides the educational and academic research communities with access to a source of consolidated current and comprehensive data gathered from multiple sources. Use of the website or data in commerce is strictly prohibited.

Yes, C3 AI has created live links to the original data sources and automatically checks for updates on a regular basis. In case of updates to the original data set, the data in the C3 AI COVID-19 Data Lake are automatically updated to reflect the latest available data. In the case of a few data sources such as “University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation: COVID-19 Projections”, you can access versioned data to understand changes to the data set over time.

Data are updated as frequently as once per day for most data sources to reflect continuous changes of the data.

In the C3 AI COVID-19 Data Lake, data are pre-integrated and standardized among disparate data sources such that various data types can be accessed via the same mechanism such as simple API calls.

We are continuously adding new types of data to the C3 AI COVID-19 Data Lake. Common data types include daily case reports, epidemiology line lists, genome sequences, journal articles, clinical, policy, mobility, and demographics data.

As of June 2, 2020, all data included in the C3 AI COVID-19 Data Lake are publicly available.

Yes! We are looking for input from our users on new data sources to be included. You can recommend a data source by filling out the contribution form.

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