AI-first CRM Built for Industries

C3 AI® CRM powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the first enterprise-class AI CRM purpose-built for industries. C3 AI CRM integrates with Adobe Experience Cloud, and drives customer-facing operations with predictive AI-based insights. C3 AI CRM helps sales, marketing, and customer professionals grow pipeline, accelerate revenues, and increase lifetime value. Available for Financial Services, New Energy, Telecom, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Intelligence, Defense, Aerospace, Utilities, Automotive, and Healthcare.

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  • Revenue Forecasting – Improve accuracy with AI-driven forecasting
  • Customer Churn Management – Identify customers at risk of churn and enact intervention strategies
  • Next-Best-Product Offer – Increase upsell/cross-sell opportunities by predicting likelihood to buy
  • Unified 360º View – Unify all enterprise and extraprise data to create 360º customer view
  • Product Forecasting – Improve forecasting by using AI on an integrated view of customers and the supply chain
  • Lead Prioritization – Use all available data to prioritize highest value leads to increase win rates
  • Customer LTV Optimization – Predict likelihood to buy and identify the best offers to drive cross and upsell
  • Sales Agent Churn – Identify early signals of agent churn to reduce attrition of top talent
  • Pricing Optimization – Identify pricing drivers and impact on likelihood to buy in order quote optimal prices
Laptop showing a dashboard screen of CRM

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