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AI-first CRM built for Automotive

C3 AI CRM for Automotive is the only AI-first CRM built for automotive suppliers, OEMs, and dealerships. C3 AI CRM delivers industry-specific, AI-enabled capabilities for automotive enterprises and includes both Microsoft Dynamics 365’s and Adobe Experience Cloud’s comprehensive sales, marketing, and customer experience capabilities. Using C3 AI CRM, automotive professionals are able to grow pipeline, better plan their supply chain, and increase customer lifetime value.


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Revenues and win new customers
Customer lifetime value
Productivity through improved collaboration, transparency, and visibility
Customer retention and satisfaction

AI CRM for the Digital Age

Traditional CRM applications are systems-of-record with analytic capabilities constrained by limited and often outdated data. C3 AI CRM unifies data from a broad set of enterprise and extraprise sources to create powerful new predictive insights that power automotive solutions.


Infographic of C3 AI CRM Automotive data architecture
Infographic of C3 AI CRM Automotive data architecture

AI CRM Capabilities

  • Revenue Forecasting

    Accurately forecast revenue with AI that identifies risks and opportunities, explains the drivers, coaches users on how to address them, and helps with financial planning.

  • Customer Churn Management

    Identify and prioritize customers at risk of churn, understand the churn risk drivers, and proactively engage the customer with offers to increase brand and dealer loyalty.

  • Next Best Offer

    Leverage AI to segment and target customers for cross/up sell opportunities (e.g., add-ons, services).

  • Product Forecasting

    Accurately and dynamically predict demand, production needs, and order stability for each product and enable proactive and lower cost production and inventory planning.

  • Dealership Management

    From marketing lead to after-market services, integrate more data sources to build a 360-degree view of all dealership and cross-dealership customers in order to track customers across multiple sites.

  • Aftermarket Services Optimization

    Integrate all available vehicle usage, sensor, and vehicle service data to create a seamless, integrated customer experience across all service channels, and use AI to predict service needs and recommend maintenance events with customized offers.

  • Insurance Fraud Detection

    Use real-time data from connected cars and extraprise data to enable data-driven fraud detection, leveraging AI models that are able to detect fraudulent insurance claims with evidence packages on the underlying drivers.

  • Configure, Price, Quote

    Manage the end to end CPQ process in a single automated system that is standardized across sites and connected with OEMs, and use AI to match and recommend vehicle configurations while providing a smooth customer experience and reducing time to sale.

  • Warranty Claims Management

    Streamline end-to-end warranty claims management with unified data across dealer, OEM, and external systems and use AI to identify anomalies and potential fraud.

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