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AI-first CRM built for the Defense Industry

C3 AI CRM for Defense is the only AI-first CRM built for military organizations and defense contractors. It delivers industry-specific, AI-enabled capabilities for military and defense organizations and includes both Microsoft Dynamics 365’s and Adobe Experience Cloud’s comprehensive sales, marketing, and customer experience capabilities. Using C3 AI CRM, military and defense professionals improve transparency across silos and leverage AI to improve employee productivity and organizational efficiency for procurement, manufacturing, personnel management, logistics, and mission readiness.


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More contracts and maximize customer lifetime value
Vendors and defense contractors across all initiatives
Branch personnel management and efficiency

AI CRM for the Digital Age

Traditional CRM applications are systems-of-record with analytic capabilities constrained by limited and often outdated data. C3 AI CRM unifies data from a broad set of enterprise and extraprise sources to create powerful new predictive insights that power defense industry solutions.


Infographic of C3 AI CRM Defense data architecture
Infographic of C3 AI CRM Defense data architecture

AI CRM Capabilities

  • Demand Forecasting

    Use AI to accurately and dynamically predict demand for product and services, and improve supply and capacity planning.

  • Manpower Optimization

    Predict service member churn, re-enlistment, or enrollment to proactively organize recruiting resources, downstream training, incentive programs, and funding allocations.

  • Clearance Adjudication

    Streamline security clearance adjudication by programmatically using AI models on unified individual data and activity to assess security risk.

  • Applicant Screening

    Streamline applicant screening by programmatically using AI models on unified individual data and activity.

  • Insider Threat Detection

    Unify all military and related civilian personnel and activity data and apply AI to flag anomalous and potentially risky behaviors.

  • Testing & Certification Process Management

    Use AI-driven workflows to manage all testing and certification processes that ensure full compliance with internal and external standards.

  • Post-Discharge Personnel Management

    Monitor adequate care and support for ex-military personnel and identify individuals that need early intervention or additional support.

  • Incident Management

    Unify all first responder activity and incident reports to arm Incident Commanders (IC) with relevant, real-time data to aid in intelligent decision making and resource management.

  • Specialist Staffing Optimization

    Optimize staffing of high-skilled specialists across global sites and across branches to ensure optimal utilization.

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