Joining Forces to Reinvent CRM

C3 AI CRM for Industries delivers a modern AI-first architecture, driving a new class of industry AI use cases and the formation of a new ecosystem. It is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, the market-leading, end-to-end customer engagement solution that gives customers a 360-degree view of their business, in addition to Adobe’s real-time customer profile and customer journey management capabilities in Adobe Experience Platform, and the enterprise AI capabilities of The new joint solution further advances Customer Experience Management (CXM) and solves new classes of problems that are unsolvable with existing CRM systems.

“Microsoft, Adobe, and are reinventing a market that Siebel Systems invented more than 25 years ago. The dynamics of the market and the mandates of digital transformation have dramatically changed CRM market requirements.”

Thomas M. Siebel

Chairman & CEO

“Together with and Adobe, we are bringing to market a new class of industry-specific AI solutions, powered by Dynamics 365, to help organizations digitize their operations and unlock real-time insights across their business.”

Satya Nadella


“The unique combination of Adobe Experience Cloud, the industry-leading solution for customer experiences, together with the C3 AI Suite and Microsoft Dynamics 365, will enable brands to deliver rich experiences that drive business growth.”

Shantanu Narayen

Chairman, President & CEO

Combining the market-leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM software with Adobe’s leading suite of customer experience and marketing automation solutions alongside’s enterprise AI capabilities, C3 AI CRM is the world’s first and only industry-specific CRM built with a modern AI-first architecture. C3 AI CRM integrates and unifies vast amounts of structured and unstructured data from enterprise and extraprise sources into a unified, federated image to drive real-time predictive insights across the entire revenue supply chain, from contact to cash.

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