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AI-first CRM built for the Public Sector

C3 AI CRM for Public Sector is the world’s only AI-first CRM system built for public organizations, government agencies, non-profits, and government contractors. It delivers sector-specific, AI-enabled capabilities and includes the comprehensive sales, marketing, and customer experience capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adobe Experience Cloud. Using C3 AI CRM, users build a complete view from first contact to service delivery, improve the quality and efficiency of case management, prevent fraud, optimize allocation of public funds, and personalize engagements with constituencies.


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Emergency resources and efficiently process benefits
Constituents and communities
Taxpayer money with streamlined inter-agency information sharing

AI CRM for the Digital Age

Traditional CRM applications are systems-of-record with analytic capabilities constrained by limited and often outdated data. C3 AI CRM unifies data from a broad set of enterprise and extraprise sources to create powerful new predictive insights that power public sector solutions.


Infographic of C3 AI CRM Public Sector data architecture
Infographic of C3 AI CRM Public Sector data architecture

Spotlight AI-based Use Cases

Streamlined Case Management


Public agencies face increasingly demanding constituencies that expect quick, easy, and modern models of online engagement. Most agencies are straddled with outdated tools and processes, resulting in suboptimal case management.


C3 AI CRM unifies data across internal and external systems to create a holistic view of all constituent activities, including permits, claims, news, engagement, complaints, and regulations. With a complete view of all activities, C3 AI CRM enables streamlined case management using AI-enabled case scoring, applicant eligibility evaluation, proactive engagement, and incident management.


With C3 AI CRM, public agencies realize faster and streamlined benefits and case processing, increased productivity, reduced costs, and higher constituent satisfaction.


Government and state-owned organizations responsible for the distribution of public funds often experience fraudulent requests that drive the misappropriation of public funds. Detecting and preventing fraud is a manual, lengthy, and costly process with many incidents going undetected.


C3 AI CRM integrates holistic constituent data on prior public services used, public records, and demographics data, and scans every case for anomalous resource requests. AI models help flag potential perpetrators and provide evidence for further investigation.


With C3 AI CRM, public agencies can quickly and efficiently detect fraud, prevent loss of public funds, and mitigate vulnerabilities associated with digital service offerings.

Fraud Detection

Workforce & Resource Optimization


Current tools and processes for allocating public agency resources are manual and insufficient to track and manage all employee activity.


C3 AI CRM unifies employee activities and tasks across all systems and provides AI-based recommendations for human resource allocation, work schedules, performance management, and employee engagement to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of public services.


With C3 AI CRM, public agencies improve workforce productivity and operational efficiencies, keep their employees engaged, and reach constituent satisfaction goals.


Keeping up with the ever-growing volume of constituent feedback in an era of multichannel communication is a costly and time-consuming task for public agencies. If constituent feedback is ignored or managed poorly, it can lead to dissatisfied citizens and disgruntled employees.


C3 AI CRM unifies all sources of constituent communications and feedback across internal and external (e.g., social media, news) systems, provides AI-based sentiment analysis of every communication and interaction, and enables automatic routing, response, and reporting of public feedback in a timely fashion.


With C3 AI CRM, public agencies can cost-effectively keep a pulse on the public response to their services and offerings, address concerns right away, and meet constituent satisfaction goals.

Constituent Feedback Management

Community Safety Planning


The public sector has an obligation to keep constituents safe and communities secure. Public health threats such as the COVID-19 pandemic, flu season, fire hazards, and crime represent community challenges that public officials such as county and city managers need to mitigate with data-driven decisions. Current tools are insufficient to provide a holistic view of these factors that can enable timely decision making.


C3 AI CRM integrates unique data sources including medical records, hospital capacities, economic trends, climate factors, emergency dispatch, social media, news, disease spread, and more to provide proactive coaching to county managers, delivering a unified view of all activities and risks and AI-based recommendations for data-driven policies and disaster responses.


With C3 AI CRM, public officials are able to minimize public health threats, optimize allocation of public resources, and establish data-driven public policies that ensure the community’s health and economic safety.

Additional Capabilities

  • Employee Management & Churn Prevention

    Monitor employee productivity and sentiment to ensure employees are both productive and satisfied with their current standing and jobs, and predict potential churn in order to reduce costly recruiting and retraining activities.

  • Constituent Engagement Campaigns

    Generate, manage, and personalize engagement content for constituents through multiple channels (e.g.,email, print, social, text) based on AI models that analyze constituent sentiment across news, social media, and direct feedback, and predict the message most likely to resonate with each individual.

  • Workforce Training Management

    Manage the instructors, content, and operations for the entire employee training process and proactively plan training capacity to streamline onboarding at lowest taxpayer costs.

  • Emergency Response Management

    Monitor all emergency response activities from a single system, and ensure proper resource allocation and resolution by using AI to predict and prioritize response actions.

  • Voter Registration Fraud

    Analyze voter registration data across all constituents cross referenced with available housing / license data in order to identify potential registrations for out-of-state individuals who may be registered in multiple locations.

  • Vendor Management

    Manage all vendor and RFx activities through a single system to streamline evaluation, selection, and implementation activities, and use AI to proactively identify issues in responses or vendor activities to reduce manual efforts and errors.

  • Project Budget Management

    Monitor ongoing costs of public projects and control budgets with AI-driven insights to forecast expected costs, identify anomalous patterns, and proactively mitigate budget overruns.

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