C3 AI will transform your analysts into Citizen Data Scientists.

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Train and certify your team to deliver AI and advanced analytics.

The C3 AI Citizen Data Science Edition provides data science training and unlimited access to C3 AI Ex Machina, our no-code AI platform, for 30 days. For free.

Equip your team with AI capabilities today.

In just 30 days, you can certify your team in the fundamentals of data science and machine learning. The C3 AI Ex Machina Citizen Data Science Edition provides the technology, training, and support your employees need to expand AI capabilities.

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Build for speed and scale.

Designed to help you build fast and scale seamlessly, C3 AI Ex Machina supports rapid prototyping and enterprise-scale application development. Discover how our software allowed PTT Global Chemical to increase profits and efficiency with AI-driven solutions.

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Explore the benefits of the C3 AI Ex Machina Citizen Data Science Edition.

  • Train your analysts in the fundamentals of data science
  • Certify end-users and trainers in C3 AI Ex Machina
  • Work alongside C3 AI experts to deliver your first two AI use cases in C3 AI Ex Machina
  • Ensure lasting success with quarterly business reviews and project health checks
  • Get discounted pricing on C3 AI Ex Machina when the 30-day free period ends

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AI is a competitive advantage. Now your analysts can have it.”

—Tom Siebel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of C3 AI

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