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At the heart of the C3 AI Suite is the C3 Type System, a data object-centric abstraction layer that binds the various C3 AI Suite components, including infrastructure and services.

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The C3 Type System is the medium through which application developers and data scientists access the C3 AI Suite, C3 Applications, and microservices. C3 Types are conceptual models of all the attributes and processes related to a specific entity or domain. All data, metadata, processes, and interrelationships are C3 Types, as are persistence, computing processes, and machine learning algorithms.

  • 10-100x data science and developer productivity.
  • Flexible and fast application development for any enterprise in any value chain.
  • Future proof and leverage existing IT investments.
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Powerful Abstraction and Expression

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The C3 Type System is a powerful abstraction model. C3 Types can represent all structural platform, cloud infrastructure services, components, and business objects, including:

  • Data: Real-time and historical data from any source or format, in one data image.
  • Aggregates: Time Series Expressions on data and combinations thereof.
  • AI/ML: Tools and algorithms, accessible through RESTful APIs.
  • Language Bindings: For all software libraries, via C3 Domain-specific languages.
  • Processes: Analytic, update, refresh jobs on the data image.
  • Infrastructure: All components including databases, clusters, key value stores.

Powerful Features and Capabilities of the C3 Type System Architecture

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Abstracts all structural platform, cloud infrastructure services and components (e.g., RDBMS, Kafka, Spark, classifiers), and business objects (e.g., customer, transaction, sensor) to create C3 Types.

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Captures all descriptions of types and extensions in metadata that can be used, combined, and extended as needed with minimum effort, all within a low-code environment.

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Enforces a consistent governance and security model to provide fine-grain access control to data and methods using the flexible, role-based C3 security framework.

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Provides access to types, methods, and other components through standards-based interfaces and in a variety of data science, analytics, visualizations tools, and IDEs.

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Business Benefits

The C3 Type System provides a common way for all industries to model any business process and connect disparate data sources. C3 Types are open, reusable, and extensible, supporting all enterprise systems and extraprise data sources.

  • Comprehensive: Represent any class of data objects such as physical objects (customer, product, supplier, contract), processes (invoicing, shipping, audit), or data stores (RDBMS, NoSQL, file system).
  • Flexible: Quickly combine C3 Types to represent applications as diverse as predictive maintenance, inventory optimization, CRM, fraud detection, or energy management, all while incorporating industry- and company-specific nuances.
  • Rapid: Rapidly combine, integrate, and transform all enterprise and extraprise data to build a unified data image that is kept current in real time.
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Data Scientist Benefits

The C3 Type System isolates and future-proofs applications and data science code from underlying databases and platform infrastructure.

  • Get Moving: Focus on delivering immediate value, without the need to learn, integrate, or understand the complexity of the underlying storage and compute infrastructure.
  • Use the Best Tools: C3 Type System connectors to data science tools preserve your use of all available frameworks, including TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, MxNet, and NLTK.
  • Be Low-Code Productive: Use the C3 AI Suite of applications to shrink code by 70-80%. Use the C3 Type System capabilities to aggregate data, traverse time series, and work with pre-built data frames.
  • Collaborate: Easily iterate with application developers; deploy models to production with one line of code.
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Application Developer Benefits

The C3 Type System ensures data is readily available to applications, regardless of location, and eliminates the need to change file formats or move data between locations. Embeddable APIs speed application development.

  • Maximize Leverage: Build applications quickly by reusing object-oriented C3 Types, including all data integrations, fields, and methods; reduce code; seamlessly integrate existing enterprise data warehouses.
  • Grow With the Business: Add data and sources flexibly and easily to existing applications, as your application and relevant data sources expand.
  • Automatically Trigger Actions: Use C3 Type System dataflow capabilities to automatically trigger appropriate processing of data changes, tracing dependencies between objects, features and, algorithms, all with little to no code.
  • Easily Maintain Apps: Extend types and add application logic with assurance that all relationships between data sets are maintained and referential integrity of types is guaranteed. Streamline code maintenance.

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