C3 Fraud DetectionTM

Safeguard revenues by utilizing AI / machine learning to target fraudulent activity and streamline investigations

C3 Fraud Detection

C3 Fraud Detection utilizes big data and sophisticated AI / machine learning algorithms to pinpoint fraudulent activity of customers and internal stakeholders. Conventional rule-based systems flag many false alarms and cause needless case investigation – C3 Fraud Detection’s advanced supervised AI / machine learning algorithms identify suspicious activity issues with much higher precision to make the most effective use of analyst and investigator efforts. Through AI / machine learning based correlation among disparate enterprise systems and high frequency transactions, C3 Fraud Detection presents a prioritized set of fraudulent actors as well as support advanced pipeline management of those leads.

Key Functionality

  • Advanced machine learning algorithms to prioritize all potentially fraudulent actors by impact
  • Standard and extensible analytics adapt to frequency of data from all enterprise systems
  • Geospatial analytics and intelligence to visualize system-level priorities
  • Data and analytics consolidation that provides all relevant information to analysts in one application
  • Advanced pipeline management to track leads through the assessment process
  • Executive dashboard presents all key operational metrics with near-real time updates

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business value


  • Identify, assess, and prioritize lost revenue cases
  • Predictive analytics accurately correlate potential fraudulent activity for rapid intervention
  • Streamline related back-office and field assessments
  • Continual data mining of closed cases increases precision
data sources


  • Operational data such as smart meter readings and corporate interaction
  • ERP systems provide enterprise touchpoints
  • Customer information related to sensor installation location
  • Work management systems for complete workflow integration
  • Third party data such as weather, Google


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C3.ai provides trials of the C3.ai Applications, C3 AI Suite, and C3 Enterprise Data Lake. Trials range in cost based on duration and include C3.ai professional services and cloud infrastructure services.

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