C3 Enterprise Data Lake

A comprehensive development and operating environment for rapid data integration, preparation, governance, and exploration of large volumes of heterogeneous data.

C3 Enterprise Data Lake

Peak Performance and Reliability Auto-Scaled for Any Data

The C3 Enterprise Data Lake enables organizations to store data of any size, shape, and speed, and apply AI / machine learning as data are ingested into the data lake. It leverages your existing investments and can seamlessly integrate with operational stores and data warehouses to enable increased visibility across the enterprise.

The C3 Enterprise Data Lake is based on the C3 Type System, a model-driven abstraction layer that enables organizations to respond rapidly to whatever business challenge comes next. The C3 Enterprise Data Lake operates in a secure, scalable, distributed, elastic cloud infrastructure, enabling organizations to focus on the business logic and not on how to process and store large datasets.

C3 Enterprise Data Lake provides the tools necessary to:

  • Integrate disparate data across information silos into a unified, federated cloud image.
  • Auto-scale storage and compute resources, minimizing your costs while maximizing the return on your data investment.
  • Secure your data assets. Data are always encrypted: in motion and at rest.
  • Apply batch and stream processing to data with ease.
  • Enable access to all data in the data lake via secure RESTful APIs.

Pre-Built Connectors

The C3 Enterprise Data Lake supports any Hadoop deployment that uses the Apache Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) standard. HDFS support enables you to easily leverage your existing investments in the Hadoop ecosystem. In addition, with pre-built integrations to S3 and Azure Blob storage, you can also leverage your cloud investments to rapidly deploy AI / machine learning and IoT based applications.

The C3 AI Suite currently has pre-built connectors to:

  • HDFS (Cloudera, Hortonworks)
  • S3
  • Azure Blob
  • MapR
  • SAP Hana

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