• Aug 28, 2018
  • Technology

Multicloud: Preventing Lock-in

Houman Behzadi, Chief Product Officer

The most common deployment model for C3 customers is on elastic public cloud infrastructure. With the announcement this week of an alliance with Google, C3 adds another major cloud platform for scaling C3 Platform and application deployments.

C3 runs in your private cloud or in a multi-cloud or hybrid configuration. Each virtual private cloud/network is a private subnet that isolates customer server instances from any other customer's deployment. This provides uncompromising security yet remains cost-effective. Multiple C3 cloud solutions and on-premise solutions run today in production, from fully-managed clusters in public clouds, to customer-owned private clouds, government-enabled clouds, or on-premise.

Use the Best Cloud Services

The C3 Platform is abstracted from the underlying infrastructure, so customers can deploy the platform in one cloud environment and use services from any cloud provider—that is, leverage services from multiple clouds simultaneously. The C3 Type System provides agility to easily swap individual services as better capabilities become available – without having to re-write code. This protects existing technology investments and prevents cloud lock-in, a growing concern, without compromising stringent data governance, compliance, or security requirements.

C3 collaborates on technologies with all our partner cloud providers: the C3 Platform uses 40+ AWS and 20+ Azure services, including IoT connectivity, device, and edge management services. For example, C3 directly supports AWS IoT, S3, Amazon Redshift, Dynamo DB, and Amazon SQS. On Azure, C3 supports Azure IoT Hub, Blob Storage, Azure Stack, and Event Hub. On GCP, C3 will now support Google cloud services.

In deployment, this provides enterprises flexibility. At a large US manufacturer with global operations, the C3 Platform reads telematic data via Azure Event Hubs, persists, analyzes, and performs AI on these data in the AWS cloud, and pushes analytic results and insights to an asset management interface in SAP.

In addition to customers wanting choice of managed cloud infrastructure, we also see a growing number of requests for on-premise and hybrid deployments driven by data security, privacy, regulatory, and data connectivity reasons. Responding to this, C3 has successfully made available and deployed the C3 Platform in 'thin client' mode on the edge devices via integrations with partners. Early this year, C3 partnered with Intel and HP to offer the C3 Platform on a dedicated device, thereby rounding out our ability to deploy across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments at enterprise scale.

All of these partnerships and development efforts are designed to give you flexibility in deploying and operating C3. So you can easily and quickly implement AI and IoT applications that bring operational insights and economic value to your business.

Houman Behzadi is Chief Product Officer at C3, where he leads product management, engineering, data science, global services, and hosting operations. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of California in Santa Barbara. Houman’s full bio is here.