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  • Data Science: Romain Interview

Romain Juban:

My name is Romain Juban. My role here at C3.ai is to develop machine learning algorithms at scale, using large amounts of sensor data to extract insights from complex IoT systems.

What I like about working here at C3.ai is that we really have a team with different backgrounds. I get to work with product managers to build or design new products. I can also interact with software engineers and data engineers to implement my algorithm into the platform.

As a data scientist, I enjoy working on a wide range of different industries and different products. So, you can work on energy. You can work on smart buildings, transportation, oil and gas, renewable energies. So, it's very interesting to explore all those areas.

As a data scientist here, we can work with all the data because we have a platform that can work at scale. So, usually we can achieve better performance in our algorithms because we can extract all the data. We also work with very cutting edge technologies, such as PARC, and also very exciting techniques such as natural language processing or deep learning. You feel you can make an impact on the world. You work on real world problems. It's applied machine learning, and you can potentially make the world a better place.