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  • Enel: Global Fortune 100 Tackles Enterprise Digitalization

Fabio Veronese: Head of IT Ops & Distribution Development, Enel:

At Enel, we look at digital transformation as a necessity. My name is Fabio Veronese. Enel is a big utility in the energy field. Enel has more than 70 billion Euros of revenue. We have two million kilometers of network.

Digital transformation is something that we have to manage. We mean it to the point that we added the digitalization of the company to the strategy. Talking about digitalization, new technology, the move to the cloud, and the adoption of platforms, I think that our experience with C3.ai has been a wonderful example.

C3.ai was able to provide the knowledge and new architecture, machine learning in the early days of artificial intelligence. The target was to use this kind of technology in concrete business cases and see the contribution to the business. Namely, the idea was to see whether, with the use of machines, we were able to do better than what we could do with humans.

Globally, we are saying that we are managing seven to eight years of history of 20 million customers. This makes a remarkable amount of data because when we talk about load profile data we collect, it means that we collect it every 15 minutes. We collect all the data from our SCADA system that could be generated every second.

With C3.ai, we also embarked on a platform journey, a very widespread adoption of the platform-based model, which is not only limited to machine learning and artificial intelligence. We think that the platform model will enable us to move to tens or hundreds of projects, that will easily develop based on the grounds of the platform we built together until now. This is something that I think makes C3.ai a different company.