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  • ENGIE & C3.ai Announce Global Partnership

Isabelle Kocher:
We are here to announce the creation of Engie Digital. Digital is absolutely key to our energy business, inseparable from our energy business.

Tom Siebel:
C3.ai has, in a short period of time, become the world's leading provider of IoT platform solutions. Engie is one of the world's great companies, but most importantly, one of the world's largest and most sophisticated integrated energy companies.

Isabelle Kocher:
We have decided to invest massively in digital and in technology. Why? Because only a smart part of the technologies that will make this new energy world already exist. The world we are going to is partnership-based, open. So this dynamic of innovation is partnership-based, and is sustained by open platforms.

Yves Le Gelard:
Today, I am very pleased to welcome to our ecosystem of strategic partners, C3.ai, presented here by Tom Siebel, CEO. For us, being able to partner, to benefit from talented teams from their organization that will come here to work on projects with us, or us going over to the U.S. to work with some of the rock stars of mobility, or IoT, or big data is essential to our systems. We launched this about two months ago. Sixty days we're up and running, so this is our agenda and we're all very excited.

Tom Siebel:

The next generation of information technology is about smart connected devices. Everything is being sensored. Engie and C3.ai will be working together in close collaboration over the course of the next three years to realize what is unquestionably the most advanced IoT vision on the planet Earth. Our initial engagement will deploy 100 Engie and C3.ai data scientists, computer scientists, and domain experts, working shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm to deploy a wide range of IoT solutions spanning customer engagement, predictive maintenance, investment planning, supply chain optimization. The initial objective is to deploy 40 large-scale IoT solutions across 24 business units.

This partnership between C3.ai and Engie is about realizing Engie's IoT vision. Engie is establishing itself really at the vanguard, in the leadership position, to realize the vision of smart, connected devices, sensor devices—this area that's popularly known as IoT. I think we can break new ground.