• Customer Testimonial
  • ENGIE & C3.ai: Building a Center of Excellence

Arnaud Barrès: Big Data Analytic Project Leader, Engie Digital:

The impact of IoT on ENGIE's business is quite huge. The IoT—the connected objects—are supposed to develop in a very fast and rapid way. From these assets, we will bring more and more data into our systems. We definitely need capacity to analyze this data. Analyzing this data will bring value for us to improve our operational efficiency for industrial assets, but also will bring more insights to our customers. We have chosen C3.ai for that. We were looking for a platform on which our developers, data scientists will be able to develop new applications around big data and analytics. We definitely need a strong partner to help us to build solutions around big data and advanced analytics.

On the other side, the solutions that C3.ai has already developed for customer engagement or for predictive maintenance are also solutions we are interested in, because these solutions bring another aspect, which is time to market. It means that the solutions have been pre-packaged, pre-defined, pre-designed. That allows us to deploy solutions in a more rapid way than if we had to build them by ourselves.

We also are trying to build a common Center of Excellence, which is very important to us. That means that we are not only buying technology from C3.ai, we also are buying support—expert support. By bringing people here [to the Center of Excellence], we are able now to build a common team around this platform. C3.ai is not considered by ENGIE only as a provider, but as a partner to help us and bring real business value for ENGIE.