• Customer Testimonial
  • ENGIE: Global Fortune 100 CIO on Digital Transformation Success

Yves Le Gelard: Group CIO & Chief Digital Officer of Engie:

My name is Yves Le Gelard. I'm the Chief Digital Officer as well as the group CIO of Engie. The energy sector is at a defining moment. Digital is at the core of the transformation of the whole sector, the whole industry. Together with the C3.ai team, Engie is embracing this challenge and is determined to be one of the leaders of this transformation. I have found a partner that is ready to listen, to be flexible, to adapt to what is a very large organization. The very reason why we've selected C3.ai—the result of a thorough review process—is because C3.ai is clearly the most advanced company in this field on planet Earth. It has proven technology. It has delivered projects for multiple customers around the world, specifically projects with huge volumes of data.

I wanted to pick a partner that knows it, that has done it. C3.ai was the most convincing of all. Jointly with C3.ai, we're going to build a center of excellence on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean—in Europe and in the United States—to help us realize and deliver our multiple projects that we will execute for our 24 business units worldwide.

Let me pick two examples: Predictive maintenance. By using the C3.ai algorithm and technologies, we will enhance and improve the availability of all our production assets worldwide. Given the amount of money that a particular asset represents, one percentage of availability represents a huge amount of money. That's one example.

Second example: By knowing your customers better, by understanding precisely their behaviors, we will be able to develop an offer, a whole range of new services to our 21 million customers worldwide, that hopefully will retain them and attract more. Together with C3.ai, we're determined to be one of the rare leaders that will invent the new world.