• Employee Testimonial
  • Platform Engineering: Rohit Interview

Rohit Sureka:

Hi, I'm Rohit Sureka. And I'm a Principal Software Engineer with the platform engineering team here at C3.ai. My primary responsibility is to build a big data analytics platform that can allow companies to analyze sensor data or billions and trillions of records.

The thing that I like the most about working here, is the impact you get to make by writing software. There are very few jobs in this world that can help you connect to millions of lives, or possibly even billions of lives. Software is one job that can help you reach these masses. Especially when the entire world is getting connected with sensors, you are in the thick of the action.

And we've had days when we've coded for 18 hours at a stretch. Just the feeling that you can write code and potentially save a life— it's just amazingly gratifying as a software engineer. There are very few companies on this planet, or very few people on this planet, who have gotten to experience that kind of an impact.