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Udit Garg:

As a Product Manager, I'm responsible for taking the product from sales all the way to customer success. I work with the sales people to help them sell the product, provide the input of what we can and can't do, and make sure we're supporting our sales people so they're successful.

What I like about working at C3.ai is the breadth and the depth of the problems we're solving. We are solving so many interesting problems. Every day, I hear about something new that's really exciting. Now, we're talking to industrial companies to see how we can optimize their supply-chain, how we can do predictive maintenance on their jet engines.

What we're trying to do at C3.ai is solve all the interesting problems out there using our software. It's not so much about building really cool software or building the next app. We're solving big industrial problems that we think are going to change the world.