• Interview
  • Tom Siebel Highlights C3.ai Success Using AWS Stack

Tom Siebel:

The perception of cloud computing has been changing very dramatically over the course of the past eight years. Today, there's a general acknowledgment that the cloud is where we're going. We're dealing with data sets that are historically unprecedented in size.

When you look at the IoT use cases, I would say the most prevalent are in the area of predictive maintenance, fraud detection, customer segmentation and targeting, and CRM. C3.ai is an enterprise application software company that, combined with AWS and AWS IoT, allows our customers to rapidly design, develop, and operate large scale, big data, predictive analytics, and IoT applications.

At C3.ai, we take advantage of everything that's in the AWS stack: DynamoDB, Lambda. Certainly AWS IoT is very important for device connectivity.

I believe that AWS is offering an enormous service to the marketplace in their AWS IoT competency program, enabling them to offer the range of solutions that are available to the market, the range of solutions that are available to customers, specifically to meet their IoT requirements.