• Customer Testimonial
  • From the Trenches: ENGIE Digital Technical Lead on C3

Julien Tamisier:

Engie's the big, big group. And the aim of Engie Digital is to deliver rapidly new digital product to serve the Engie world. Now we already have a lot of data coming in, but we don't know how to use that. So with the C3.ai platform we enable the fact that we can use the data, which is great. Because they didn't know how to manage the huge amount of data.

The expectation of people coming here and doing the training for us, is very strong. We would like them to go out of the training ... That they go back home and they say, "Yeah it's a good platform. We can do a lot of stuff with that." And also get some insights of the technical capabilities of the platform.

As well as team building between them and also between C3.ai engineers. For me it's a big challenge to try to transform a very big company from a point A to a digital company. And with the help of C3.ai especially, I think we will do it.