Thomas M. Siebel‚ CEO‚ joined Naveen Rao‚ Intel Corporate VP and GM‚ for the opening keynote at the inaugural Intel AI Devcon (AIDC) to announce that and Intel are partnering to meet skyrocketing demand from large commercial and public sector organizations globally for AI at enterprise scale.

Siebel unveiled the C3 AI Appliance powered by Intel AI‚ a pre-configured‚ certified appliance with top-of-the-line hardware using Intel Xeon processors optimized to run the C3 Platform‚ Applications‚ and Tools. With the new AI appliance‚ the C3 Platform can run seamlessly on premise‚ in the cloud‚ or as a hybrid environment for maximum operational flexibility.

Siebel emphasized the significance of the C3 AI Appliance in addressing an organization’s governance‚ compliance‚ and IT requirements while enabling developers to rapidly deploy and operationalize predictive analytics‚ AI‚ and deep learning solutions – in weeks‚ not years – to solve complex problems such as real-time fraud detection‚ disease prediction‚ predictive maintenance‚ video and image analytics‚ and asset tracking.

Many organizations cannot use public cloud applications due to privacy‚ security‚ or regulatory reasons‚ or do not require elastic cloud compute‚ Siebel added. The Appliance is designed for those organizations requiring a private or hybrid cloud and edge computing footprint in industries including financial services‚ mining‚ oil and gas‚ healthcare‚ manufacturing‚ aerospace‚ and defense.

The inaugural Intel AIDC was held in San Francisco this week and featured top minds in AI‚ data science‚ and engineering to showcase what’s possible when AI theory meets real-world function.

Watch the full keynote here‚ with Siebel’s appearance beginning at 49:00: AIDC 2018 | Breakthrough Theory‚ AI in Action | Intel AI