C3 AI Pilot

Start Fast, Prove Value, Scale Broadly

The C3 AI Pilot is a proven, rigorous approach to help businesses select, configure, and implement a C3 AI application within just six months, showcase economic value, and set the foundation for accelerated deployment across the enterprise.

Get Started with a C3 AI Pilot

C3 AI Pilot


  • Unlimited use of the C3 AI application by end-users
  • Unlimited C3 AI runtime during the six months
  • Unlimited access to C3 AI training curriculum
  • Deployed to a cloud environment of your choice
  • Unlimited customer developer, data scientist, analyst, and data engineer licenses
  • Guided C3 AI developer training sessions
  • Three C3 AI FTE experts


  • A working production application on the agreed scope
  • Scale-out plan and adoption playbook
  • Application explainer video for internal distribution
  • AI/ML application roadmap for your organization
  • Assessment of economic value at scale
  • End-user training guide
  • Project read-out
  • Trained team of your developers to maintain and extend the application for your organization

Significant Value

C3 AI brings a rigorous use case selection methodology to ensure there is compelling value, sufficient data of adequate quality, and the right stakeholder availability and alignment before beginning the Pilot.

Accelerated Timeline

The C3 AI approach emphasizes speed and time to value — with pre-built C3 AI applications that include well-designed data models, pre-built analytics, configurable AI/ML pipelines, and pre-designed user interface screens. The underlying C3 AI Platform enables full reusability and extensibility, further speeding configuration and deployment.


All applications are built on the C3 AI Platform’s patented model-driven architecture. This enables rapid expansion of scope and scale using very few lines of code. C3 AI’s customers generate over two billion predictions per day in production on the C3 AI Platform and manage thousands of live models.

Proven Expertise

Our team brings world-leading experience in Enterprise AI and has delivered value for some of the world’s largest enterprises across multiple industries, such as Shell, Koch Industries, and the U.S. Air Force.

Path to Pilot

1Discovery Session

Discovery Session

Our initial conversation will focus on understanding your business goals and current challenges, and includes an introduction to our relevant capabilities, applications, and expertise.

By jointly focusing on achieving business value, rapidly and at scale, we ensure the outcome delivers tangible value for your business — not a sandbox experiment.

2Use Case Selection

Use Case Selection

In a one-day workshop, we jointly form a hypothesis of where enterprise AI can drive significant value for your business and where the conditions for success are present.

The goal of this step is a joint mandate to pursue one case and to confirm value, tractability, and the conditions for success.

3Pilot Project Design

Pilot Project Design

We iterate on the chosen use case with your relevant SMEs and data owners to validate the opportunity and confirm the accessibility and quality of needed data.

With the SMEs, we identify a representative subset of the opportunity that can be addressed and put into production within the six-month Pilot.

4User Interaction Model

User Interaction Model

Getting the user interaction model right for an AI/ML application is crucial to embedding this application in the way you work.

This drives adoption and value. We work to understand your current business process and its specific challenges through end-user interviews. We then create user stories that represent the goals and workflow of an end user of the application.

5Benefit Analysis

Benefit Analysis

Every C3 AI project is designed to aid specific business value levers. We work with your team to estimate pro-forma value based on the current state and value levers.

C3 AI Pilot Timeline

Deliver a Production AI Application in 4—6 Months


Phase 1

Project Preparation

In this phase, C3 AI technical teams work with you to deploy our software in your chosen environment and access your data sources to support the Pilot scope. C3 AI can deploy on any cloud provider, on premise, or in a hybrid mode based on your requirements. Once our select personnel are onboarded to your system with the necessary permissions, the C3 AI team fully manages installation of the C3 AI Platform and relevant C3 AI application. The C3 AI team will also ensure that our team has access to the agreed-upon data and the best approach to access these data. This phase culminates in a formal customer kick-off meeting to initiate the Pilot.


Phase 2

Design & Analysis

In this phase, the C3 AI team achieves alignment and clarity on what the application will do and how it will do it. This includes the data model, data loading approach, exploratory data analysis, AI/ML solution and experiment design, user flows, user interface design, and production deployment design. Building on accelerators from existing applications, this phase culminates in a joint design review.


Phase 3


In this phase, C3 AI teams, with optional participation of your trained developers and data scientists, work to set up the application interface, data integration approach, and analytic and AI/ML pipelines to support the use case. Team management includes daily stand-ups, weekly SME reviews , and end-of-week reports noting progress and raising issues to address. The phase includes a mid-point project review and ends with a comprehensive review when you will sign off on the AI/ML approach, results, and user interface and proceed to test and deploy the application.


Phase 4


Once the core capabilities of the application are built and verified, C3 AI leads your users through a series of functional, performance, and user acceptance testing steps. Collectively, these ensure the application, when deployed, is functionally viable, performant, and meets the needs of the targeted user community. In this phase, C3 AI conducts functional white-glove tests, automated performance tests, and structured user review and acceptance sessions. Output from these sessions also inform the roadmap of enhancements to pursue once the application is live. This phase culminates with agreement to take the application live and into a production environment.


Phase 5

Deploy & Train

In this phase, C3 AI works closely with your user and IT teams to move the application to production and enable it for secure use within your organization. The focus for this phase is to ensure there is an adoption plan and a clear path to realizing value with the deployed application and subsequent scale out of this and other adjacent applications. Typically included in this phase are developer training sessions, end-user enablement sessions, workshops to define the roadmap of the next use cases to pursue, and a detailed go-live plan with milestones. The phase culminates with a deliverables presentation, a live AI application, and agreement on how to scale and support this application using a combination of your and C3 AI resources.

Get Started with a C3 AI Pilot