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Enterprise AI Buyer’s Guide


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Enterprise AI is a powerful new category of software that is a core enabler of digital transformation. In the coming years, virtually every large organization will deploy dozens – often hundreds, or even thousands – of AI-enabled software applications across every aspect of their operations.

The market for enterprise AI technology has become noisy and confusing, as hundreds of vendors attempt to position their products as AI solutions. It is increasingly difficult for buyers to determine the specific requirements for this technology and to distinguish offerings in the market.

The Enterprise AI Buyer’s Guide is intended for business and IT professionals who need to evaluate and select enterprise AI technology solutions for their organization. The Guide provides an organized framework and convenient tool for evaluating enterprise AI platform technologies, based on C3 AI’s decade of experience in helping global organizations deploy enterprise AI at scale.

Contents include:

  • What Is Enterprise AI? – A discussion of how organizations are applying AI to address a broad and growing range of use cases
  • 10 Core Principles of AI – A thorough overview of the major technical requirements for an Enterprise AI platform, and why they are critical to success
  • Enterprise AI Requirements Checklist – a list of the 98 specific criteria a complete Enterprise AI platform must deliver
  • Vendor Business Evaluation Criteria – the 5 key non-technical criteria that buyers need to evaluate