Digital Transformation by Thomas M. Siebel
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Best Practices in Developing an Enterprise AI Roadmap


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Digital transformation is an enterprise-wide undertaking with broad implications for how new information technologies will be implemented and business processes will be changed to drive value. As a core enabler of their digital transformation programs, organizations will develop and deploy tens or hundreds of enterprise AI applications across their operations.

This paper provides a proven methodology and best practices for building an effective AI roadmap that identifies, evaluates, and prioritizes high-value AI use cases. The methodology is derived from C3 AI’s more than 10 years of experience in working with leading organizations globally to develop and deploy AI applications at enterprise scale.

Contents of this paper include detailed guidance in how to:

  • Analyze the Business – how to identify key opportunities to apply AI
  • Write the Business Use Case – define the problem statement, business value, scope, requirements, and delivery timeline
  • Qualify Use Cases – how to determine business value and feasibility
  • Build the Enterprise AI Roadmap – how to prioritize and sequence use cases for implementation