C3 Generative AI

Why C3 Generative AI

Architected for high performance, enterprise security, and flexible deployment.

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Deterministic Responses

Generate accurate, consistent responses by utilizing a retrieval-augmented generative architecture that separates the enterprise knowledge base from the large language model.



Traceable to Ground Truth

Enable the ability to trace back to source documents and data for every insight that is generated.



Enterprise Access Controls

Use a solution that automatically inherits enterprise access controls during data ingestion.



No LLM-Caused Data Leakage

Prevent LLM-caused data and IP leakage with enterprise security applied to user queries and separation of LLM from enterprise knowledge base.



Hallucination Free

Get accurate answers with embedded relevance scoring and a solution that answers “I don’t know” when the relevance threshold is not met.



LLM Agnostic

Future proof investments and leverage the latest advancements in generative AI and deep learning with an LLM-agnostic solution architecture.


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