AI for Credit Origination, Approvals, and Risk Monitoring

C3 AI Smart Lending

C3 AI Smart Lending enables financial institutions to streamline their credit origination process and mitigate borrower risks. The application uses interpretable, auditable, and traceable artificial intelligence to assess likelihood of approval and predict emerging financial distress based on a comprehensive view of a bank’s data. With C3 AI Smart Lending financial institutions can accelerate time to decision, reduce cost of manual reviews, and drive consistency across risk teams.​

C3 AI Smart Lending

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Demonstrated Benefits


Average reduction in time required to accurately qualify and approve credit for a prospect


Annual value derived from increases in application volume and loan acceptance yield


Precision of AI-generated recommendations to approve loans

Optimize front and back office credit operations

C3 AI Smart Lending Solution

Inefficient and lengthy process to structure approvable credit offerings

Enable rapid credit origination with AI that mitigates risks with effective terms, conditions, and covenants

Slow decision-making process for routine credit applications

Leverage AI to automate and accelerate simple credit decisions

Intermittent credit reviews can miss many default risks

Detect risks as they emerge using machine learning based on payments, adverse news, and other relevant data

Infrequent client touchpoints lead to missed lending opportunities

Leverage AI to identify and proactively address high-value up-sell and cross-sell opportunities in your client portfolio

Time-consuming manual aggregation of client credit information

Rapidly aggregate and view all relevant data from a single pane of glass

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