Transforming transportation with Enterprise AI


Improve Fleet Management and Customer Service

C3 AI helps transportation and logistics companies predict asset failure risk, address inefficiencies, and enhance operational visibility.

Transportation Value Chain

Applications Reliability

Aggregate petabyte-scale data from fleet-deployed sensors, devices, enterprise systems, and operational systems to generate accurate predictions of vehicle and asset failure. C3 AI Reliability provides planners and operators with comprehensive insight into asset risk, enabling them to maintain higher levels of asset availability, deliver high-quality services, and reduce maintenance costs.
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Leverage real-time AI/machine learning to drive operational excellence and improve profitability across sales, marketing, and customer service. C3 AI CRM delivers AI-generated forecasts and scores in real time using insights from internal and external data sets.
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Reduce energy costs and improve warehouse and building operations through real-time tracking, analytics, and optimization. C3 AI Energy Management uses machine learning techniques to enable accurate forecasting, benchmarking, demand response, and anomaly detection to lower costs, improve operations, and meet energy-efficiency goals.
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Reduce inventory holding costs and improve cash flow and supply chain visibility. C3 AI Inventory Optimization applies advanced machine learning to analyze variability in demand, supplier delivery times, and quality issues to build real-time recommendations and monitoring, so users can set optimization by confidence level and receive real-time notifications and root-cause analysis.
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Use Cases

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Vehicle Path Optimization

Use AI-enabled delivery, vehicle routing, and scheduling to reduce operational costs and improve customer service.

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Predictive Workforce Planning

Use AI-enabled demand forecasting for improved staff, vehicle, and capacity planning.

Address use cases with the C3 AI Platform

The C3 AI Platform is a purpose-built platform for developing and operating AI applications that address industry and company-specific use cases. It offers a cohesive, low-code/no-code development environment with a complete and comprehensive set of tools and services to design, build, deploy, and operate advanced, enterprise-scale AI applications.

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Proven results in weeks, not years

Get insights into C3 AI’s capabilities, enterprise AI best practices, and highest-value use cases.
Gain insights into the C3 AI Platform's capabilities, its model-driven architecture, and test it against your company's sample data set.
Identify a high-impact business problem and collaborate with the C3 AI team to rapidly build an AI application that solves it.
Scale and deploy a tested C3 AI application into production. Incorporate user feedback and optimize algorithms to drive maximum economic value.

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