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C3 AI Reliability

C3 AI Reliability is an AI-powered predictive maintenance application that enables enterprises to improve asset uptime and operational productivity. The application unifies operational data from multiple sources and applies advanced machine learning, natural language processing, and generative AI techniques to identify equipment risks in advance, provide digestible insight summaries, and generate recommended actions to help reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

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Demonstrated Benefits


Reduction in unplanned


Improvement in operational


Reduction in false


Reduction in alert triage

C3 Generative AI: Reliability

Get Accurate, Thorough, and Explainable Answers to your Asset Reliability Questions.

Ask questions in natural language to rapidly retrieve relevant asset data, AI recommendations, and reliability insights, uncovering emerging operational risks and avoiding disruptions. Leverage generative AI-powered enterprise search to access institutional knowledge trapped in unstructured data such as maintenance records and equipment manuals.

C3 Generative AI is available with C3 AI Reliability and as a standalone capability deployable against customer datasets and applications.

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Anticipate Equipment Risks In Advance

Key Issue
C3 AI Reliability Solution

Poor asset health visibility leads to unplanned downtime

Monitor asset health and accurately predict failures with unified data and AI-powered risk predictions

Existing monitoring solutions are rules-based and generate too many false alerts

Eliminate false alerts and enable early and accurate alerts using machine learning and domain expertise

Difficult to navigate across multiple monitoring systems

Collaborate on a single platform that brings together data, alerts, diagnostics, and cases from multiple systems

Operational knowledge resides with specialists and in documents

Unlock access to operational expertise via automatic failure mode identification and generative AI-enabled search and chat

Difficult to implement and scale AI-powered predictive maintenance

Scale across equipment types and size of operations with a flexible out-of-the-box AI solution

Successful Deployments Across Industries


Drug Manufacturing

Predict & Detect System Failures

Oil & Gas

Upstream Production

Improving Compressor Reliability


Transmission Assets

Predictive Maintenance

Industrial Manufacturing

HVAC Chiller Operation

Predictive Maintenance


Furnace Health

Predictive Maintenance

Food & Beverage


Predictive Maintenance

Customer Viewpoints

Steve Bakalar

Steve Bakalar

VP IT Digital Transformation

“I just think that in general, the culture and the aptitude and the passion that C3 personnel have is really by far some of the top we've ever experienced.”

Mikko Tepponen

Mikko Tepponen

Chief Digital Officer

“C3 as a company is definitely holding some top talent.”

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