Accelerate Decision-Making Cycles with AI Insights

C3 AI Decision Advantage

C3 AI Decision Advantage improves domain awareness and battle management by synthesizing multiple intelligence sources and enabling commanders and other decision makers with AI insights. The application unifies and connects siloed data feeds to expose emergent risk insights and accelerates human decision timelines with advanced AI.

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Multi-domain data across services, partners, and Allies


Mission objects to be accessible across apps and agencies through Model Driven Architecture


Veracity of multiple intelligence data sources


Battlefield sense-making and decision-making

AI-Based All-Domain Command & Control

Pain point
C3 AI Decision Advantage Solution

Disparate and unconnected intelligence data sources

Unified, federated data image that traverses multiple critical data feeds

Lack of user trustworthiness in data

Native data veracity algorithms that detect false data and adjudicates it

Primitive sensor management

Automated, high-fidelity sensor orchestration and administration

Manual intelligence analysis and nomination

AI-enabled Aided Target Detection, Recognition (AiDTR) algorithms provide accurate operational picture

Inefficient assessments of effects

AI-based assessment of effects and determination of achieved objectives

Inefficient collaboration and prioritization between asynchronous events

In-application workflow tools improve efficiency and compress decision-making cycles

Customer Viewpoints

Todd Probert

Todd Probert

VP C2, Space and Intelligence

"C3 AI has been a great partner in our endeavor to use AI and ML to make sense of the volume of data that's coming off the various intelligence feeds and from the battlefield."

Marc Harrington
Marc Harrington

Marc Harrington

Chief Engineer, F-35 Joint Program Office

“Being able to get to a minimum viable solution within a couple of weeks was just amazing.”

Christopher Worley thumbnail
Christopher W.

Christopher W.

Director, Digital Innovation

“The best thing that we've seen from a C3 is the intuitive nature and the ease of use of the platform.”

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