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C3 AI Intelligence Analysis

C3 AI Intelligence Analysis unifies disparate data sources and provides AI-driven insights and threat and anomaly alerts that unveil relevant relationships and drive timely interventions. The application enables encrypted, obfuscated, federal search on people and relationships leveraging near real time, configurable NLP pipelines for entities and sentiments – ultimately yielding faster investigative timelines.

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Demonstrated Benefits


Connect to any number of data sources


Automate data ingestion, cleaning, and adjudication


Explore multiple data sources from a unified view


Accelerate case building and time-to-insight

Next Generation AI-based Intelligence

C3 AI Intelligence Analysis Solution

Disparate and unconnected intelligence data sources

Unified, federated data image ingests data from multiple feeds, including structured and unstructured sources

Intermittent data streams do not provide up-to-date operational picture

Near real-time data parsing extract entities and meaning from data – including people, places, activities and relationships

Important decisions based on sparse data or “gut feelings”

AI-generated insights unearth patterns in complex data to complement user decision-making

Primitive visualizations used to reflect multi-dimensional, complex information

Interactive graph visualization and exploration capabilities make it easy to track entities and relationships

Inefficient and disconnected case collaboration mechanisms

Data and scenario versioning enhances collaboration between users allowing hypothesis exploration and custom storyboard creation

Customer Viewpoints

Todd Probert

Todd Probert

VP C2, Space and Intelligence

"C3 AI has been a great partner in our endeavor to use AI and ML to make sense of the volume of data that's coming off the various intelligence feeds and from the battlefield."

Eric Grant Thumbnail
Erik G.

Erik G.

Business Area Chief Engineer

“C3 AI has a mature product that's already proven itself in the commercial market.”

Zico Kolter thumbnail
Zico Kolter

Zico Kolter

Associate Professor, Computer Science Department

“I really like seeing a single platform that enables a very broad use of AI applications, and a way to let people write their own algorithms on top of this unified architecture.”

Rosalba Russo
Rosalba Russo

Rosalba Russo

Product Owner Agile

“C3 AI Fraud Detection gives the opportunity to provide a software for people to use in the field.”

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