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C3 AI Demand Forecasting

C3 AI Demand Forecasting utilizes all relevant internal and external data and advanced AI to boost your organization’s forecast accuracy. The application provides AI-based segmentation to identify distinct demand profiles, granular forecasting configuration across products, locations, and customers, and rich what-if scenarios for precision demand forecasting. Demand forecasts are automatically shared via bi-directional integrations to existing ERPs and planning systems that accelerate consensus planning cycle times and maximize planner efficiency.

C3 AI Demand Forecasting

Demonstrated Benefits


Increase in demand forecast accuracy vs. planning solutions


Improvement in Planner Efficiency ​

AI-Powered Demand Forecasting​

Pain point​
C3 AI Demand Forecasting Solution​

Insufficient and disjointed data sets fail to provide a complete picture​

Comprehensive, unified, and up-to-date data image federates all relevant enterprise and external data​

Limited segmentation capabilities force a one-size-fits-all forecasting approach ​

AI-based clustering enables precise segmentation and tailored forecasting approaches across SKUs, locations, and customers​

Simple statistical and limited AI techniques yield mediocre forecast accuracy​

A rich library of over 20 advanced AI, machine learning, and deep learning techniques dramatically improve forecast accuracy​

Black box AI erodes user trust and prevents adoption​

Responsible and explainable AI ensures enterprise-wide adoption and realization of full value potential​

Challenges in unifying disparate ERP and other supply chain planning systems inhibit interoperation and scale​

Native, bidirectional integrations into existing ERP and other supply chain planning systems allow for frictionless interoperation and rapid scaling across the enterprise​

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