Increase Production Yield and Process Efficiency with AI Insights

C3 AI Process Optimization

C3 AI Process Optimization applies advanced analytic techniques on top of operational data to improve production yield and process efficiency. C3 AI Process Optimization identifies process anomalies across systems, provides prioritized alerts and process KPIs, enables root cause analysis, and recommends optimization actions. Process and production engineers can use C3 AI Process Optimization to maximize production levels and optimize energy efficiency.

Demonstrated Benefits


Reduction in off-spec product


Accuracy in detecting low-yield batches


Reduction in lab testing required without impacting quality

AI-Based Process Optimization

Pain point
C3 AI Process Optimization Solution

Production yield is variable over time

AI-based process optimization drives maximum production throughput in dynamic conditions

Quality issues emerge without sufficient warning

Quality issue predictions with sufficient lead time enable operators to act early in the process

Only a fraction of available data utilized

Use of all relevant lab, enterprise, operational, and external data enables holistic view of production and processes

Existing solutions do not handle diverse process types

Process optimization for all manufacturing types and processes including continuous, batch, and semi-batch processes

Unpredictable impact of legacy solutions on yield and quality issues

Robust and rapid what-if analyses to simulate different operating conditions

Inefficient collaboration and triage

Enterprise-wide collaboration ensure optimal manufacturing yield, product quality, and process efficiency

Customer Viewpoints

Jim Hannan Thumbnail
Jim Hannan

Jim Hannan

EVP, CEO Enterprises

“There’s no question that C3 AI has capabilities we haven’t seen before, with something that gives us a platform to drive enterprise AI.”

Roshan Shah thumbnail
Roshan Shah

Roshan Shah

VP, Collaboration & Support Center Operations

“I can buy all the parts, put them together, and try to build a computer, or I could go to an Apple Store and have a computer that works on day one. In more than one way, that's what we're seeing from your platform.”

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