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Unlock Value from Enterprise Data

C3 Generative AI: Standard Edition enables enterprise users to rapidly locate, retrieve, and act on insights contained in disparate enterprise data – through an intuitive search and chat interface. Configure the application in a few simple steps and experience the power of C3 AI in your business today.

Accelerate Work Across Your Business

Customer Service
Accelerate customer service cycles

Easily access all customer information across customer service records, key contacts, buying history, product usage, and more.​

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Uncover ESG stakeholder sentiment

Rapidly access accurate insights across regulatory filings, audit reports, policy documents, regulatory standards, and other disparate data.​

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Enhance financial visibility​

Rapidly access accurate insights across regulatory filings, audit reports, policy documents, regulatory standards, and other disparate data.​​

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Improve troubleshooting and operational reliability​​

Diagnose failures rapidly and accelerate maintenance with rapid access across equipment manuals, maintenance records, design specifications, SOPs, and safety manuals.​​​

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Accelerate sales velocity​​

Respond to customer requests and RFPs rapidly with easy access across product catalogs, call scripts, email records, prospect fact sheets, and competitive intelligence.​​​

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Supply Chain
Streamline supplier management​

Ensure holistic supplier visibility with rapid access across contracts, transaction order notes, invoices, and supplier communications.​​​

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Available on Cloud Marketplaces

C3 AI is now offering C3 Generative AI: Standard Edition on the AWS Marketplace and the Google Cloud Marketplace. The Standard Edition provides a no-code, self-service onboarding experience and enables users to reason on their unstructured text data. Customers can choose to upgrade to the enterprise version with the full suite of capabilities at any time.

C3 Generative AI implements a novel, retrieval augmented generation (RAG) framework that works across multi-domain data (e.g., documents, structured tables, sensor data), performs multi-step reasoning, is fully tunable to enable high-performance retrieval for demanding enterprise use cases, and provides open and extensible interfaces for agents and tools to orchestrate APIs and take action.

Features C3 Generative AI:
Standard Edition
C3 Generative AI:
Enterprise Edition
  • Core Product Features
    Deterministic Responses
    Traceable to Ground Truth
    Role-Based Access Controls
    No Incremental Cybersecurity Risk
    No LLM-Caused Data Leakage
    Minimal Risk of Hallucinations
    Zero IP Liability Exposure
    Natural Language Search and Chat
    Model Result Tuning, Scoring, and Improvement
    Ability to Add and Modify Metadata
    User Management
    User Feedback
  • Data Management
    Manage Documents (Unstructured Text Data, Currently English Only)
    Schedule and Update New Documents
    Row- and Document-Level Access Controls
    Manage Structured Data (Relational Databases, Sensor Data, Application Data)
    Advanced Data Integration (e.g., Virtualization, Streaming)
    Unify Structured and Unstructured Data
    Pre-built, Domain-Specific Generative AI for Industries, Business Functions, and Enterprise Systems
  • LLM Reasoning
    Mathematical Reasoning
    Advanced Reasoning Across Structured and Unstructured Data
    Multi-Hop Chain-of-Thought Analysis
    Bootstrapping Context with Blueprints and Planning
    Auto-Visualization of Answers (Charts, Graphs) with the Ability to Download Data
  • Developer and Data Science Tools
    Ability to Run in Customer Cloud Accounts or Behind the Firewall
    Author Custom Agents
    Onboarding New LLMs
    Fine Tune LLMs
    Developer SDK and Tools
    Data Science SDK and Tools

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