From Digital Disruption to Digital Transformation

The C3 Platform and SaaS production applications are tried, tested, and proven at petabyte scale at a growing number of large corporations across industries.

C3 - Aerospace & Defense
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Aerospace & Defense

The aerospace industry operates some of the most highly-sensored industrial equipment. Engines, turbines, flight controls, and avionics generate significant data from thousands of complex components. Applying advanced analytics to these large volumes of data, C3 applications enable aircraft operators and manufacturers to identify performance anomalies, forecast and predict faults, and proactively and cost-effectively manage maintenance to improve aircraft reliability and enhance safety. C3 applications have the potential to reduce maintenance costs by 10% or more; reduce delays by 25%; and increase aircraft life by 3-5%, driving billions of dollars in annual economic value for the aerospace industry.

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C3 - Financial Services
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Financial Services

The Internet of Things has enabled today’s digitally-connected consumers and is driving an evolution in customer expectations and demand in the financial services industry. C3’s machine-learning-based software applications enable financial services organizations to analyze real-time customer interaction and sensor data to better predict financial risk, anticipate customer service needs, and offer personalized product offerings to each individual customer. The C3 platform supports omni-channel communications, orchestrating a seamless, high-value customer experience across all touch points.

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C3 - Healthcare
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The $2.7 trillion US healthcare market suffers from significant inefficiencies with as much as $800 billion of healthcare spending each year being wasteful or redundant. With increasing pressure to reduce costs, the healthcare industry is turning to the wealth of newly available, digitized and standardized data: clinical data (electronic medical records, medical images), claims and cost data (care utilization and cost estimates), pharmaceutical data (pharmaceutical trials), patient demographic data (patient behaviors and preferences), and sensor data from wearable devices and smart phones. The volume of healthcare data is expected to swell to 2,314 exabytes by 2020, more than the projected annual global IP traffic in 2019. By correlating and performing advanced analytics and machine learning on these data, both insurance companies and healthcare providers can reduce the cost of care, improve health outcomes, and promote patient engagement.

For example, C3 HealthScore Analytics applies advanced machine learning algorithms to cost and claims data, clinical diagnostic data, hospital admissions data, and electronic medical record data to clarify and optimize decisions about how best to care for patients and reduce the overall cost of care. With C3 HealthScore Analytics, providers and payers are able to track the efficacy of care management at the individual patient and aggregate portfolio level; identify high-risk patients; and prioritize remediation efforts to deliver tailored patient care plans and incentives to promote long-term health.

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C3 - Industrial Manufacturing
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Industrial / Manufacturing

The potential of the “Industrial Internet” is for every asset, product, and production process to be monitored and optimized based on real-time intelligence about the state of manufacturing equipment, supply of inputs, and product demand. C3 solutions enable manufacturers to unlock value from their rapidly growing portfolios of industrial sensors, to improve asset utilization and lifecycle management, reduce product development cost and time to market, increase systems efficiency and safety, and enhance products and services based on real-world performance.

C3 applications for industry and manufacturing helps enterprises improve operations, across a wide variety of industrial equipment, production processes, and facilities.

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C3 - Oil Wells
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Oil & Gas

With billions of dollars in capital equipment employed, and large volumes of product extracted and transported daily, the Oil and Gas industry is poised to gain significantly from the widespread deployment of IoT sensors and data analytics. Whether improving asset time-to-failure or increasing pump performance by a few percent, oil and gas analytics on IoT data have the potential to unlock billions of dollars in improved operating revenues and reduced costs per year.

C3’s SaaS Applications are built on the C3 platform and incorporate AI/machine learning-based predictive analytics to deliver operating insights that enable increased production, lower maintenance costs, enhanced operational efficiency, and improved safety and security. For example, the C3 Predictive Maintenance application has the potential to significantly improve the uptime of rod pumps by predicting failures before they occur.

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C3 - Public Sector
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Public Sector / Cities

At every level of government — national, state, county, and municipality — public sector organizations have access to increasingly large and disparate datasets about their critical infrastructure, operational systems, and citizenry. These data offer significant value for improving public safety, services, and long-term planning. Sophisticated analysis of data related to transportation, law enforcement and crime, energy and water, sanitation and public health, and building systems generates valuable insights about where to best invest human and financial resources.

C3 applications enable public sector officials to make informed decisions, improving smart government performance, increasing transparency and accountability, and delivering more efficient services while meeting the continually rising demand to improve the safety and welfare of their citizens.

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C3 - Retail
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Large retail organizations sell thousands of products and serve millions of customers across diverse store-front and online channels. These companies rely on significant marketing and sales efforts, complex supply chain operations, and sophisticated store-front infrastructure. Each of these critical business areas is being revolutionized with the availability of real-time sensor data. With C3 applications, fleet data, truck sensor- and store sensor-information, as well as store operating details can be aggregated with external data like customer demographics, weather, and fuel prices to improve the effectiveness of distribution channel investments, minimize supply chain costs, and optimize store operations and capital expenditure.

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C3 - Telecommunications
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In the highly competitive telecommunications industry, company performance and profitability hinge on acquiring new customers and retaining and maximizing the value of existing customers. More than $200 of lifetime value is at stake for each retained or new wireless customer served.

C3 solutions, like C3 CRM, enable the proactive identification of customers at risk of churning, targeted cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for existing customers, and a shift to proactive vs. reactive after-sale services. With C3’s data-driven insights, telecom operators can offer the right products and services to the right customer at the right time.

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C3 - Transportation
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Travel, transportation, and logistics operators are leveraging the Internet of Things and C3’s machine-learning-based analytics technologies to predict vehicle equipment risk, failure likelihood, and required maintenance actions – addressing inefficiencies and improving operating intelligence on every phase of operations. With advanced analytics monitoring and continuously optimized system performance, transportation industry companies are able to derive significant financial value from improved fleet management, predictive vehicle repair and maintenance, enhanced demand forecasting, and increased customer service.

For data-intensive companies such as freight operators, logistics providers, vehicle fleet operators, and insurance companies, C3 applications including C3 Predictive Maintenance provide continuous, actionable intelligence to improve the health and operations of fleets and facilities.

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C3 - Wind Farm
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The electric and natural gas utility industry has been a leader in driving IoT adoption with the advent of the smart grid and critical operational technologies. The utility IoT is projected to grow to more than 800 million smart meters/sensors installed globally by 2020.

The C3 Platform and SaaS Applications are in full production at more than 20 of the largest and most respected utilities globally. Whether reducing non-technical loss in transmission & distribution, predicting equipment failure for generation, or redefining the customer experience to improve engagement and satisfaction, C3 solutions can unlock up to $300 per meter in annual economic benefit for utilities and their customers. This unprecedented level of data integration and analytics on the smart grid defines a new phase of the utility industry: The Internet of Energy™.

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