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Unified Knowledge Source for Accelerated Time to Insight

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Unified Knowledge Source for the Enterprise

C3 Generative AI is a unified knowledge source that enables enterprise users with rapidly locating, retrieving, and acting on enterprise data and insights through an intuitive search and chat interface.


  • Deterministic Responses
  • Traceable to Ground Truth
  • Enterprise Access Controls
  • No LLM-Caused Data Leakage
  • Hallucination Free
  • LLM Agnostic

Why C3 Generative AI

Ready, Safe, and Proven

C3 Generative AI uniquely combines the latest innovations in natural language understanding, generative AI, retrieval AI models, and reinforcement learning with C3 AI’s patented model driven architecture.


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Rapid Access

to relevant, critical, and high-value insights across enterprise and external systems​

Domain Specific

responses via industry and enterprise-aware generative AI architecture

Enterprise Grade

data security and access controls adhere to strict privacy and deployment requirements​

Future Proof

investments with model-agnostic architecture interoperable with major enterprise data stores and applications

C3 Generative AI Solutions

C3 AI launches the first domain-specific generative AI offerings available across industries, business processes, and enterprise systems. The new offerings combine C3 AI’s deep domain and industry expertise with the latest innovations in generative AI.

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