Customer Testimonials

Jon Lindekugel

SVP, Manufacturing & Supply Chain

"On the one hand its very much about dollars and ROI, but on the other we are really focused on customer satisfaction."

Fabio Veronese

Head of Infrastructure & Networks Digital Hub

“With, we embarked on a platform journey – a widespread adoption of the platform-based model for machine learning and artificial intelligence.”

Yves Le Gelard

CIO & Chief Digital Officer

"I have found a partner that's ready to listen, to be flexible, to adapt to what is a very large organization."

Frank LaRocca

Director, Office of the CIO

“If we can predict where a failure might be and prevent an incident from occurring, that’s the best thing you can do from a utility perspective.”

Jay Crotts

Executive Vice President and Group CIO

“ allows us to optimize our existing investments in data and cloud infrastructure while accelerating time to value of AI-based applications.”

Isabelle Kocher

Chief Executive Officer

“ is an essential partner in ENGIE’s digital transformation, enabling ENGIE to support our mission to be at the vanguard of the IoT revolution.”

Todd Probert

VP C2, Space and Intelligence

"With AI and ML coming online and the volume of data that's coming off the various intelligence feeds and from the battlefield, we are trying to make sense of that. And has been a great partner in that endeavor.

Jeff Ranch

Supply Chain Digitization Manager

“What’s impressive is that we have the ability to go from monthly to weekly to daily data, approximately two years’ worth of data, on everything from inventory, product availability, OTIF, and service in about six seconds.”

Gil Quiniones

President and CEO

“Our partnership with is an important step in NYPA’s journey to become the nation’s first end-to-end digital utility.”

Rosalba Russo

Product Owner Agile

“C3 Revenue Protection gives the opportunity to provide a software for people to use in the field.”

Lt. Col. Dave Harden

COO and Architect, AFWERX

"What predictive AI allows you to do is get ahead of the curve."

Marc Harrington

Chief Engineer, F-35 Joint Program Office

“Being able to get to a minimum viable solution within a couple of weeks was just amazing.”

Donald Rye

Chief Account Technologist

“Working with is fun, it's about the best way to describe it.”

Henry Chang

Vice President, 3M Connect

“We’ve been engaged with the team to figure out better processes and make user-friendly applications that enable our data scientists to draw insights and conclusions to drive outcomes.”

Jennifer Austin

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Analytics Solutions Implementation Leader

“Within six months, we were already seeing value from the application.”  

Stephanie Bailey

Sr. Director, Business Systems Delivery

“What we had out of was a product, eagerness, the ability to deliver, and the ability to understand our data. That was a winner. It’s a small company that acts in a big way.”

Kara Marshall

Supervisor Energy Efficiency Business Intelligence Analytics

“C3 Transform has provided a great amount of context and a lot of information on how others are engaged with's products.”

Massimiliano Geirola

Executive Program Manager

“We identified over 12 use cases that we can use the C3 AI Suite for.”

Sam Anderson

Data Engineer

"When we build these applications on C3, we can pull the data from all source systems, use the C3 transforms to shape that data into the type we want."

H.C. Shin

“ has an exciting vision, proven technology, and demonstrated customer success across industries, making them a great partner for implementing 3M’s digital transformation initiatives.”

Felix Marx


“Working with, Trūata is able to provide the industry’s most advanced technology to safeguard how data is stored, protected, and used – while still enabling companies to leverage data to innovate and deliver the services their customers demand.”

Randy Krotowski

CIO (Retired), Caterpillar

“ enables corporations to harness the power of elastic cloud computing, big data, analytics, and machine learning to extract insights from data and bring unusual value to the enterprise. It’s clear that the C3 AI Suite will provide an important tool for IT organizations to rapidly harness the power of IoT."

Tilak Subrahmanian

Vice President, Energy Efficiency

"No doubt you have heard a lot of the industry talk about the need for utilities of the future to be more customer-centric. Together, Eversource and are actually making that happen - here and now.”

Chris Burton

Vice President

"We selected C3 Energy as a strategic technology partner because of its unified, cloud-scale technology, comprehensive vision of smart grid analytics, and deep understanding of the range of benefits that smart grid analytics can bring to BGE. We look forward to achieving operational efficiencies that will have a positive result for both BGE and our customers."

Terry Wise

Vice President of Worldwide Partner Ecosystem

“We are pleased to see enterprise customers like ENGIE select and AWS as its strategic partners to provide the technology foundation for its global IoT transformation. Doing so enables ENGIE to unlock business-critical insight from its vast data resources across its global infrastructure, realize massive operational efficiencies, and better serve its customers.”

Marco Cotti

Network Commercial Operation (NCO) Director

"We realized we needed advanced machine learning-based analytic applications to manage and analyze the huge increase of smart meter data for our millions of customers—not only to improve our work and increase our efficiency, but to exploit new business models allowed by new regulations. This is why we started our partnership with”

Michael Butts

Director, Business Transformation

“We are already experiencing the enormous business value we can get from exploiting smart meter data and leveraging the potential of big data analytics tools.’s energy applications have allowed BGE to use smart grid data more efficiently and effectively in order to optimize business processes and improve safety and reliability, while delivering clear business value. We look forward to building on this success.”

Partner Testimonials

Luuk Besselink

Managing Consultant

"Ortech decided to partner with because we see as the missing link in deploying end user applications in data science."

Ryan McFarland

Principal Consultant

“When comparing C3 AI Suite to a competitive platform, we realized 26x savings in delivery and huge benefits from a cost and quality stand-point.”

Dylan Dias

Chief Executive Officer

"We elected to work with C3 because of their ability to virtualize data with Virtual Data Lake and because of model management and model lifecycle."

Mike Clayville

Vice President Worldwide Commercial Sales

“ plays an important role at the forefront of enabling some of the world’s largest enterprises, across all verticals, to realize the immediate business benefits of elastic cloud computing in ways that were unimaginable even a few years ago.”

Judson Althoff

Executive Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Business Microsoft

“’s proven technology and strong customer relationships make them an ideal partner in helping drive forward AI-based solutions built on the intelligent cloud.”

Nan Boden

Head of Global Technology Partnerships

“We’re excited to bring the intelligence of Google Cloud to IoT through our work with partners like Bringing advanced AI and machine learning capabilities to IoT can unlock powerful insights for customers.’s expertise in industries like manufacturing, retail, financial services and more will be a tremendous asset to help customers do just that.”

Naveen Rao

Corporate VP and GM, Artificial Intelligence Products Group

“Intel and are pushing the frontiers of AI-driven solutions to empower private and public sector organizations to uncover valuable and actionable insights.”

Marco Argenti

Vice President, Mobile and IoT

“Unlocking insights from vast amount of data, in real time, requires a new technology architecture and high-level expertise to develop applications that can manage and analyze the data and, most importantly, make accurate predictions to enable decisive action. The collaboration between AWS and addresses these challenges.”

K.R. Sridhar


“ is distinguished from the myriad of market offerings that address a small subset of the solution requirement by addressing the full problem with a comprehensive, cohesive, end-to-end platform.”

Media & Analysts Testimonials

Alex Konrad

“We are pleased to welcome as the highest ranked newcomer to the Cloud 100 community, while also recognizing’s powerful combination of vision and execution under the leadership of tech industry icon Tom Siebel.”

Byron Deeter


“ is clearly one of the most significant companies leading the cloud technology revolution.”

Holger Mueller

Vice President and Principal Analyst

“ successfully addresses a number of challenges that have plagued enterprises in the past with respect to traditional approaches to Machine Learning.”

Harry Pascarella

Research Analyst, Harbor Research

“Overall, competitors such as GE and Siemens are likely at least 2-3 years behind from a product development stand point, while all of C3’s competitors have a huge amount of catching up to do in terms of customers and devices under management. is clearly miles beyond its established competitors.”

Isaac Brown


" has integrated a powerful set of tools into its applications and development environment, which can process both data batches and real-time data streams. is well positioned to win deals across the IoT landscape, in addition to continuing its strong growth into more utilities customers."

Kevin Prouty

Vice President

“For organizations to realize the full potential of big data as a strategic competitive advantage, they should invest in an enterprise-scale IoT platform that connects all business processes across their operations— from real-time field data, to the shop floor, to each enterprise silo, and across their entire supply network.”

Investor Testimonials

Nehal Raj


“Our additional investment in reflects our ongoing confidence in the company’s unmatched capabilities, best-in-class management team, and significant growth potential. is transforming industries, creating competitive advantages for its customers, and generating significant, measurable social impact in important areas such as healthcare and energy.”

Jim Breyer

Founder and CEO

“ is well positioned to become a leader in the large and rapidly growing enterprise AI, big data software market, and we look forward to being part of this success story.”

Ron Kim

Private Equity IT Expert/Senior Advisor

“’s technology can enable a large and complex organization to harness the power of elastic cloud computing, big data, analytics and machine learning to extract insights from data and bring significant value to an enterprise. Their platform—initially deployed to the utility/energy sector—now is positioned to provide the same robust capabilities to a variety of industries going forward.”

Rick Sherlund

Chairman, Software Investment

“With the exception of, I am unaware of any cloud-based IoT enterprise application development platform available in the market with proven scalability supporting tens of millions of devices.”


Stephen M. Ward Jr. Board of Directors

“Digital transformation is very much like other transformations we have gone through in the last several decades.”

S. Shankar Sastry

Dean, College of Engineering

“It is clear that the power and capability of the platform is immediately applicable to address the requirements of even the largest scale cyber physical systems in commercial and government applications. is a technological tour de force.”

Hon. Spencer Abraham

Former U.S. Secretary of Energy

“C3 Energy was ahead of its time in recognizing the inevitable convergence of IoT with energy markets. The C3 Platform appears well positioned to have a similar impact upon government, intelligence, and commercial markets.”

Dr. Urban Keussen

Vice Chairman

“ has developed a platform and suite of application solutions that may well change the face of the European utility grid. As Europe embraces IoT through its Industry 4.0 initiatives, is well positioned to have similar impact.”

Kevin Fitzgerald

Former Executive Vice President

“ has done an impressive job of developing a platform that enables utilities to address the opportunities of the Internet of Energy. This is an extraordinary accomplishment that many have dreamed, but few have realized.’s leadership portends the future of the Smart Grid.”

Andreas Cangellaris

Dean, College of Engineering

“ is assuming a leadership position at the vanguard of engineering in cloud computing, big data, analytics, and machine learning. Thanks to their groundbreaking work at the intersection of the most advanced scientific research and commercial big data machine learning systems, will set itself apart as a leader and a trendsetter in the exploding IoT market.”

Zico Kolter

PhD, Assistant Professor

“ has amassed an unusually capable human capital team of systems engineers and world-class data scientists. They have developed an IoT platform with unique capabilities to unleash the full impact of machine learning at production enterprise scale.”

Phil Scanlan


“ is a remarkable example of the cross-fertilization between the knowledge and enterprise sectors as it pioneers new technologies in the management of the domestic power grid.”

Dr. Richard Soley

Executive Director

“Solutions such as are necessary to enable decision makers, developers, and data scientists to realize the promise of smart, connected devices.”