Enterprise AI for Healthcare

Funded Research Projects

Dynamic Resource Management in Response to Pandemics

Housing Precarity, Eviction, and Inequality in the Wake of COVID-19

Improving Fairness and Equity in COVID-19 Policy Applications of Machine Learning

Machine Learning Based Vaccine Design and HLA Based Risk Prediction for Viral Infections

Data-Driven, High-Dimensional Design for Trustworthy Drug Discovery

Detection and Containment of Emerging Diseases Using AI Techniques

Why C3 AI for Healthcare

A proven AI platform that enables healthcare systems to develop, deploy, and operate AI applications needed to achieve high-impact results.

Use Cases

How healthcare systems are using C3 AI at scale:


Clinical Workforce Optimization

Early Chronic Disease Detection

Patient Discharge Risk Assessment

Ambulance Service Optimization

AI-Based Medical Image Analysis

Elective Procedure Schedule Optimization

Opioid Addiction Risk Prevention

C3 AI for Healthcare Systems

Whether you are managing complex data platforms, analyzing massive amounts of data to simplify decision making, or reducing the overall cost of care, C3 AI has a solution for your needs.

C3 AI Platform

Govern AI deployments with confidence with a secure, unified architecture that provides healthcare organizations with easy data consolidation and access controls, leading to better patient care and safety.

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C3 AI Applications

Apply out-of-the-box solutions to predict and manage supply chain delays or take advantage of pre-built models and components to easily build custom applications — all delivering AI insights that empower healthcare professionals to make rapid and informed decisions so they can provide the best care.

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C3 AI Ex Machina

Leverage a no-code solution that provides users of all levels with the ability to deliver solutions and applications for specific-use cases quickly and adapt to fast-developing healthcare system situations.

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