Enterprise AI and Machine Learning for Managers​

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are important emerging technologies that have the potential to transform organizations through improved customer service, streamlined operations, and the realization of new business models. But to unlock this potential, frontline managers who collaborate with data scientists, and are responsible for unlocking business value, need a practical understanding of AI/ML. Written specifically for managers, this book provides a clear and concise AI/ML “field guide” arming managers to:

  • Understand the science behind AI/ML and the metrics to measure success
  • Identify and select high-impact AI use cases with fast time to value​
  • Effectively collaborate with data scientists during prototyping efforts
  • Support the deployment of AI and ML into production use
  • Design business processes to capture maximum value from AI/ML
  • Recruit and build high-performance data science teams

Author Nikhil Krishnan, PhD – a former McKinsey consultant and professor at Columbia University – works with leading organizations globally to help them solve a broad array of business problems using AI and ML. Read this book to gain the knowledge you need to advance your career and make AI and ML a competitive advantage for your organization.

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